Five times socialists like AOC and Sanders have endangered America

Sanders isn't the first.

The specter of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders turning America towards socialism is not a pretty prospect. They threaten the very social, political, and economic fabric of this nation. But they aren’t the first socialists that have targeted America for their twisted ideology. It’s been going on for nearly a century. Here are the most vile examples:

5. The Depression— Socialists saw this event, as they do this virus, as an opportunity to replace capitalism with socialism even though it was socialistic ideas like the National Recovery Administration and the New Deal that caused and lengthened the Depression. They gained adherents, spied for Soviet Russia, and held sway over an unusually large number of Americans who were desperate for any idea to solve their economic woes. The Depression burned itself out due to rearmament prior to WWII. But that didn’t stop the socialists from trying to harm America.

4. WWII— Just before the war in Europe broke out the Nazis signed a non-aggression Pact with Soviet Russia. They were de facto allies. So while Britain held the fate of the Free World in her hands alone in the Battle of Britain, and the U.S. was gearing up to supply Britain, American socialists, on orders from Moscow, were doing all they could to stop supplies from getting to Britain and further keep America out of the war.

They knew if we entered the conflict, as was the case, their Nazi allies would be beaten. They only changed their tune when Hitler attacked the Soviets.

3. FDR and Henry Wallace— Franklin Roosevelt, embarking on a campaign for his third term in 1940, was showing signs of strain. The pressures of the depression and the upcoming world war were taking their toll on the man. Some knew this and also knew the veep pick for 1940 might have to take over if Roosevelt further faltered. Who did they pick?

With an amazing irresponsibility, much like today, the Democrats chose hard-Left communist-sympathizer Henry Wallace as FDR’s running mate. They were elected and for four years, as FDR became more frail each year in the midst of a global war, Wallace got closer to the presidency. The party got wise to Wallace in 1944 and replaced him with the legendary leader Harry Truman. Truman was perhaps the last sound Democratic president with integrity. He held the line against the Soviets.

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2. The Cold War— American socialist betrayal of America during the Cold War is a list almost too long to note. Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White spied for the Soviets, socialists opposed U.S. forces fighting in Korea, they opposed U.S. forces fighting in Vietnam, and they opposed Reagan’s decisive actions to stop communist aggression in this hemisphere. All this was done to advance the geopolitical interests of their Soviet puppet masters. When we won that war they again found themselves on the wrong side of history.

1. Today— AOC and Sanders, even in this time of crisis, still work for their dark socialist utopia. But as in the late 1940s in America with Harry Truman, we have a man at the helm who is more than their equal and who has vowed to stop them in their tracks. As long as Donald Trump is president, he will no doubt keep that promise.

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