It’s an election year, so it’s only fitting that we look at the historical record and rank our chief executives.

First, the top five worst:

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  1. Barack Obama- This sanctimonious Baath Party (Arab socialist party) member just beats out Woodrow Wilson because of modern relevance. I mean, where do you start with this guy? His barely suppressed hatred for this country? His radical Islamist/communist upbringing? Mom jeans? His missing personal records? And those are his good points.When he was in office he bent over backwards to cuddle up to our enemies like the mullahs in Tehran and sold out our allies like the Israelis. His economics were your basic federal grab of all he could lay hit mitts on, first and foremost healthcare. Social policy was just to the left of the North Koreans. Best thing he did? By his horrible record he ushered in the response, the Trump era.
  2. Woodrow Wilson- If he had served in office a generation or two later his would be the top slot. His time in office is a smorgasbord of fed overreach. Prohibition, income tax, WWI (the first GWOT), direct election of senators, and the Red Scare are just some of his greatest hits. And the last 2 years of his tenure he was so mentally and physically feeble his wife and his top aide ran the country. The nation was better off for it.
  3. Jimmy Carter- Ah, remember this git? He turned a whole generation, my generation, into Republicans. Sky high inflation, double digit inflation, defense cuts, federal expansion, gullible foreign policy, and, of course, the Iranian hostage crisis.And he then had the nerve to blame the American people for his faults in his famous “malaise” speech. In presidential debate with Reagan he said he would consult his young daughter Amy on national security issues. Uh huh, a walking debacle.
  4. Herbert Hoover- Our sole GOP winner, he was an engineer by training. As such, he decided to intervene in the market in 1929 instead of letting the market correct itself. Typical slide rule jock. He seemed to think, like many Dems, that a tweak here and there by government and all would be right. Nope. Ushered in the worst depression in American history made worse by FDR’s dilettante socialism.
  5. James Buchanan- The wrong man at the wrong time, right before the civil war. There could have been intelligent compromise between North and South. But this guy was such a weak sister he hemmed and hawed until war was inevitable.

Next up, the five best…