Thomas Sowell said stereotypes are cultural patterns we prefer not to think about. And while many are false, there are some that have the scent of truth about them.

One of those is that many in the state of California, and also in the Democratic Party, are flat out airhead loons or those who take advantage of them. And that brings us to Marianne Williamson and Bernie Sanders.

Former Democrat candidate for president Williamson is a walking advertisement for the modern California ethos. Hence why it is a Third World-like failed state today. So, naturally, she endorsed Sanders for president. Maybe, in gentle appreciation, if he wins he’ll name her ambassador to the moon.

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When you think about it, both deserve each other.

The Golden Bear state is a virtual socialist experiment where a rich elite live like royalty and the ever-diminishing middle class are put upon more every day. The state has not seen one crazy PC fad —many of them invented right there— that it did not immediately enshrine into law.

Williamson has been on the cutting edge of cashing in on that kind of PC mindset, making a lucrative career out of convincing gullible matrons and too precious males that their generally self-inflicted life issues are a result of anything but their own actions and more likely to be attributed to the stars, their parents, or a rather mischievous woodchuck named “Woodchuck Dude.”

Sanders convinces basically the same types that they don’t deserve the money they earn and that it is better tended by he and his classic red minions acting in the name of an all-knowing beneficent state. Problem is, those kind of states know little and are rarely beneficent.

However, Williamson in a way goes farther than Sanders. He sticks to the corruption of the state and the public sphere which, granted, will spill over into personal consequences.

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Williamson corrupts important existential concepts like love, God, and faith to such a beyond post-modern extent that those ideas become recognizable as turned into California gibberish by anyone who looks past her two-bit hippie jargon and directly, unflinchingly at the tired counterculture platitudes and cliches she substitutes for thinking and actual adult feeling.

He ruins the state and she the soul. A modern pair of Democrats in all their glory.