Cambridge, Massachusetts carelessly governs its city, won’t enforce laws against illegals

According to the city government in Cambridge, Massachusetts, you can break laws repeatedly and not be considered arrestable.

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So, how many times do you have to break the law before you’re considered a lawbreaker? By definition, logic says one, but let’s be magnanimous and for the sake of discussion give first-timers a Mulligan.

Nevertheless, according to the city government in Cambridge, Massachusetts, you can break laws repeatedly and not be considered arrestable. Hold on, there’s a caveat. That’s only if you’re not an American citizen or a legal immigrant. No, you folks in the country legally are screwed. But you lot in the country illegally—Cambridge has its arms wide open for you.

The Massachusetts city known as the home of two of America’s premier educational institutions, Harvard and M.I.T., has not only gone off the proverbial deep end but also has gone off a springboard and plunged into the deep end, after doing more twists, turns, and flips than the legendary U.S. Olympic diver Greg Louganis did to earn his gold medals.

Cambridge has passed a city ordinance mandating cops cite (issue a court summons) illegal aliens stopped and found to have been driving without a license. So, how many law violations do we have? Well, the person is illegally in a foreign country, so there’s one. The person is driving a motor vehicle on American roads without a valid driver’s license, so that’s two. And we can’t forget the person committed whatever traffic violation that got him or her stopped in the first place. If my calculations are correct, that would be three law violations—at least.

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Now, here’s the curious part, and it’s also the same warped, partisan political policy we had on my department in Seattle—the new law also prohibits officers from asking someone about his or her immigration status. So, how does this all work?

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If a Cambridge officer cannot legally ask a driver without a license about his or her immigration status (which implies also not doing a computer check), then unless the driver proactively volunteers that information, how would a cop know he or she couldn’t arrest the driver?

So, this city action amounts to an exercise in virtue signaling: Look at just how woke we are. We are much better people than you flubs who believe in the rule of law. We know the federal government has sole jurisdiction over border protection, but we don’t care. We have no respect for the federal government while our party is out of power.

But don’t you Republicans do this when Democrats are in power. In that case, we will do everything we can to see that Republicans who defy a Democrat federal administration is tarred and feathered, boiled in oil, shot, hung, disemboweled, drawn and quartered, and any other unpleasantness we can muster.

Listen to this ultra-woke Cambridge City Councilor, Quinton Zondervan, blathering his deranged hate: “We need to protect our community members from a federal government that’s out of control.” Right, it’s the federal government that is out of control. It’s not the renegade Leftist-run jurisdictions running around nullifying American laws as they desire. Zondervan also said, “There are no other reasons for the police to arrest someone, give them a court summons instead which keeps them out of the clutches of the Trump administration.” Clutches?

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So, the Left wants us to believe President Trump and his administration are so bad, so pathetic, so diabolical, that essentially they are Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Mussolini, Kim Jung Il, Castro, and every other dictator (and their administrations) in history all rolled into one fetid ball of the wickedest despotism ever perpetrated on mankind on the face of the earth at any time in all of human history.

No, the Left is just a bunch of crybaby bullies who can’t get over losing an election and they don’t care if they divide the nation in an attempt to get their own way. And, as we know, aside from their efforts at political extrapolation, conflation, and obfuscation, whatever the Left is accusing you of is precisely what they are doing. They prove it every day.

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Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer. He's served as a field training officer and on the East Precinct Community Police Team. He's the author of four books, including "De-Policing America: A Street Cop's View of the Anti-Police State." He's also a contributor to the National Police Association.

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