The Dems have taken time out from their regular attacks on the president to go after each other, with a pickaxe.

New guy at school Mike Bloomberg and other opponents of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders are getting a taste of the tactics of Sanders supporters and they’re frightened about it. Bloomberg put out an ad warning of the crude posturings overwrought Sanders acolytes bring to the table. Well the Dems should have thought about that before they tolerated socialists in their ranks.

Lie down with dogs, get fleas.

As reported by various media sources, this is some of the stuff the so-called “Bernie bros” have been saying to supporters of Bloomberg and the rest. Their lines, btw, are causing much GOP mirth.

“Vote Bernie or bad things will happen,” one charming bro warned. Like what? Having to sit next to a Bernie bro at a Starbucks?

“You made a bad choice. Prepare for hell. Calls won’t stop,” purred another. Hell, huh? I guess the ringer off or block option hasn’t made the socialist tech hit parade yet.

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“We know where you live. Where you work. Where you eat,” said bunches of messages to volunteers at other campaigns. I’d respond: You do? Cool. Could you pick up my dry cleaning? I would but I’m late for the Rich White Guy Oppressor meeting.

“Libs who are flirting with Bloomberg (Ugh, who flirts with midgets except other midgets?) now should be aware that they are going on lists,” one tweeted. The list to get into the clubhouse at the Masters in April? Oh, you shouldn’t have.

They also called Sen. Elizabeth Warren a “snake” (points for accuracy) and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg “a demonic rat.” A demon? Nah. More of a goblin.

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So get over it Mike, Liz, Pete, etc. You should have ridden the socialists out of your party on a rail when you had the chance. But no, their slobbering support and lockstep Dem votes meant more to you than their interesting tactical pedigree.

Yeah, they don’t play well with others, Mike. On the bright side, they are mostly grandmom basement dwelling immediately post adolescents. They are about as prepossessing as hamsters.

But some of them do vote Liz, and they now are your problem. Just think Pete, if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination (which he won’t when you guys steal it from him by chicanery) what kind of fun these kids will have then? Ready for a convention riot, bros versus Dem robots?

Personally, I can’t wait.