President Trump won a Senate vote on the procedures to follow for the rest of the trial. 

This was a test vote on other issues and the president won on what seems to be a party line vote.

This bodes well for him for other issues in the trial and for an eventual acquittal. This vote was after hours of advocacy from both sides.

Dems ironically stressed a “fair trial” even they denied that kind of due process to the president in the House.

The president’s lawyers stressed that the Dems were not ready with their case because there is no case but rather a desire for revenge because they lost the 2016 race and are likely to lose the 2020 race.

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As we earlier mentioned, here’s what you can expect from the defense and prosecution as the impeachment trial in the Senate continues to unfold.

The defense- The president’s defense team is aggressive and their team personifies it. They have already come out swinging in their contention that no crime was committed and thus the whole thing is a charade much like past democrat distractions and time-wasters the country has endured since 2017.

They will run into several Dem members of the Senate that want a full blown trial to cover their tails in case they decide to vote for acquittal. Given today’s vote, they won’t get it.

But the Dems know calling witnesses is a two way street and one they could get run over on very quickly if the defense calls the original whistleblower, CIA leaker Eric Ciaramella.

Is this impeachment push against Trump a sham?

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Can you imagine what a brilliant attorney like Alan Dershowitz would do to that guy on the stand?

Little Eric would be left whimpering into his fave blankie, later cozying up in his onesie and lamenting to his stuffed animals what the mean lawyer man did to him in public.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be looking for the procedural and political opportunities not just to exonerate the president but to hold the Dems and their case up to national ridicule. Today he got it.

The prosecution- They will hammer and hammer that not only was the Ukrainian phone call a crime but that permitting Donald Trump to stay in office is a threat to the republic (if they feel comfortable calling us that).

Sadly for them their case will be presented by Zoe Lofgren and Adam Schiff. They are likely to huff and puff to very little avail.

The Dems need 67 votes to convict to remove the president from office, we’ll see if they’re able to get it.