Contrary to conspiracy theories, Islamist terrorist apologists, and Democrats, all who tried to give Iran a pass on this brutal murder of 176 people, Iran itself admitted minutes ago this late Friday that it “unintentionally” shot down on Wednesday a Ukrainian International Airlines that had just taken off from Tehran en route to Kyiv.

It cited “human error” as the reason and there is some Iranian lieutenant tonight that is in a whole world of hurt.

The flight contained 63 Canadian citizens and many Ukrainians. It will be interesting to see if the governments of each nation hold Iran responsible for the slaughter of their citizens.

In a press conference on Thursday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, though saying the Iranians may have shot down the plane, implied the U.S. was ultimately to blame.

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He is a blithering idiot and a coward. After all the trade and the strong alliance between Canada and the U.S., for Trudeau to imply that this country is the final culprit smacks of a man so out of touch with reality that blackface was probably a pretty normal move for him.

And as if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wasn’t already embroiled in U.S. politics, his response will also be of note.

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