The Saturday review is boffo for the first day of Team Trump’s presentation to the Senate in the impeachment trial.

We’re talking serious political box office.

Tight, on message, and mercifully brief, they ran logical and rhetorical rings around the Dem opposition.

Their show ran a concise two hours, as opposed to the Dem first day snorefest of 12 hours.

Here are the actors and the scripts:

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Pat Cipollone– The opener and clean up batter, Cipollone laid the wide parameters of the case and let his team do the heavy lifting.

His tone was moderate and he focused on evidence hidden by the Dem team saying at the end of the day, “Impeachment shouldn’t be a shell game. They should give you all the facts.”

Jay Sekulow– The big attack dog of the bunch and he ate at leisure on Saturday. He mercilessly hammered the Dems on inconsistencies and their often claimed ability to miraculously read the thoughts of the players, instead of looking at the facts.

He also drove home the fact that not just aid to Ukraine, but aid to other countries was held up and even cancelled by the Trump administration for a variety of reasons. He caustically commented, “Didn’t hear a lot about any of that.”

Mike Purpura– A tone tougher than Cipollone but more mellow than Sekulow, he hit at the logical problems with the Dem case. He nailed the entire Dem effort to the wall in one sentence, “There can’t be a quid pro quo without a quo.”

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Patrick Philbin– The most academic and formal of the team, he constructed the legal basis for the Trump defense and explained why in a normal court of law the Dems would be thrown out of the room and into the hallway.

He reminded all of Adam Schiff’s change of mind from wanting to put suspected whistleblower Eric Ciaramella on public display to, once the Schiff committee’s collusion with the informer became known, stashing little Eric away from the light of day.

The GOP team will pick up again Monday at 1pm. If this, as Sekulow said, was only the “coming attractions,” we can’t wait for the main feature to begin.

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