Amid escalating tensions on the streets of Baghdad, the U.S. embassy was hit with a rocket attack on Sunday that damaged the embassy restaurant. No casualties are yet reported.

The Iraqi government blamed the attack on an “unruly militia” backed by Iran.

Other rockets hit the Green Zone adjacent to the city’s riverbank. No injuries at all or serious damage.

Much like the recent Iranian missile attack on U.S. forces that also resulted in no serious damage or injury, this attack seems intended to keep up PR pressure while insuring that the U.S. does not respond with force.

Baghdad is on edge because a major religious leader withdrew his support from the anti-government movement, causing the usual keening rent-a-crowds to fill the city’s Khilani Square on Sunday with their scripted screams and contrived anger. Some protestors are reported wounded.

In another incident, one protestor was killed Sunday and six were wounded by security forces at Baghdad’s Wathba Square.