Seattle Agency Director Resigns After Hiring a Trans Stripper for Annual Conference

One would think such community workers would want to avoid embarrassment — and stay focused on positivity and support for their goals

Just how oblivious and “un-self-aware” can some public agency directors be?

OK, hang on for a sec. I need to properly prep you, loyal readers, for this one and tell you why it matters.

As I know from dealing with this issue when I was a police officer patrolling a beat, anything “homelessness”-related is also police-related.

So this is also about some folks who are so wrapped up in their own political bubble that they can’t imagine that some of the things they do might offend other people — and no, it’s never their problem. It’s always someone else’s.

The Seattle police have had to deal with — not really the inaction from homeless agencies, but the results of their lame actions. They seem more interested in professional and institutional self-perpetuation than solving any problems.

Regardless of their public and private motivations, you’d think they’d want to avoid political embarrassment and do things that would engender community support. What one director of one political agency did accomplished neither of those goals.

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It also lost her a job. site (and other outlets) covered this incident. The acting director of All Home, Kira Zylstra, decided to spice up an annual rubber-chicken affair with some unique risqué fare. All Home is the King County government agency that coordinates its homelessness responses. It is currently working on merging with the city of Seattle to combine their homelessness efforts.

Zylstra apparently used public funds to hire a “trans stripper” from Spokane — a person who goes by the name of Beyoncé Black St. James — to perform at the All Home annual conference. St. James reportedly “danced on tables, gave lap dances, and stripped down to a pair of silver pasties as people threw dollar bills.”

Even the European Union covered the event. Fair warning: There are some things that once seen cannot be unseen.

But not all attendees were tossing GWs to St. James. also said some described the performance as “a rare opportunity for queer people of color — St. James is black — to be represented in the sort of space usually dominated by straight white people,” as noted.

It’s time to bring up the “un-self-aware” idea again. When would this be appropriate for any public and government function?

This is America — and she can do what she likes.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “It neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket.” Or, if you prefer, as Norm from the TV show “Cheers” said, “Does it change the price of beer? No. Then what do I care?”

Besides, St. James broke no rules in taking the job. Offering the job, on the other hand, and paying for it with public funds did break rules.

Look, I’m sure Kira Zylstra is also a perfectly nice, kind woman. But she clearly comes from a leftist bubble that Seattle and the King County governments have become.

Just consider the theme of the conference: “decolonizing our collective work.” What does that malarkey (thanks, Joe Biden) even mean?

It’s completely made up by scooping words out of some strange leftist soup.

“Although some who saw the performance called it fun,” noted Barnett, “others disagreed, complaining that the show was too ‘sexual’ and forced people to participate in a sexualized performance without prior consent.”

But this is what the Left is all about today: pushing people to accept all manner of what they may consider deviancy, as long as the Left supports it.

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Most folks would hire the more traditional comedian, magician, or hypnotist, who generally doesn’t offend most people.

But with the Left, it’s OK to offend others — just not to be offended by others. If the Left offends the Right, that’s the Right’s problem.

But if the Left is offended by the Right, that’s also the Right’s problem. See how it works?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up — but not so much this time.

Even with today’s intolerant, leftist, envelope-pushing behavior, some actions go too far.

If nothing else, perhaps Zylstra could have gotten a clue from the guest list. In attendance were representatives from Neighborhood House, Catholic Community Services, Mary’s Place, and other religiously affiliated organizations.

So, did Zylstra know these folks, and others who might be uncomfortable, were on the guest list when she hired a trans stripper (actually, a stripper of any description)?

I don’t know — but since she runs the agency, didn’t she kind of have to, seriously?

Initially put on administrative leave at home, Zylstra has resigned her position, KING 5 News reported.

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