Barack Obama Isn’t Really a Moderate — and He Has Another Goal in Mind

The former president's 'woke' remarks this week at his Chicago summit are confusing some people, yet his motives are crystal-clear upon close examination

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The 44th president of the United States has cast himself — wait for it — as a moderate, if not a right-winger, within his own party.

That’s right. Just got fitted for my snowshoes in Hades.

Barack Obama, at the Obama Foundation Summit held at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago on Tuesday, told fellow Dems to “get over” ideological purity tests, and that being “woke” is “not activism. That’s not bringing about change.”

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This is rich, coming from the man who described those who don’t support him as “bitter. They cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them,” as he infamously said, and more, in 2008 during a campaign event.

Ah. So if someone doesn’t worship at the Obama alter, that person is a gun nut, a religious extremist, or a xenophobe.

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And if that same someone follows that descriptive method outside of the realm of the All-Enlightened Power Couple, then he or she is going off the reservation. Uh huh.

But the line speaks less about his worry about the political future of the Democrat Party — he really doesn’t care about that — than it does about making the Obamas seem palatable to moderate voters again in furtherance of Michelle Obama’s future plans, as I see it.

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It also is a very good indicator of where the Democrat Party is today when a social justice warrior such as the former chief executive has to try to hit the brakes on current Democrat lunacy.

Those remarks were combined with perhaps the lamest spin yet regarding the upcoming legal calamities of members of his administration. The former potential messiah thus opined, “The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws.”

No mention that the “really good stuff” in question tended to be things like attempting to socialize the American health care system, running guns to Mexican drug lords, and delivering palettes of cash to Iran hours before the Obama administration left town.

Some pundits will see all this as the human and centrist side of the Obamas — though Michelle Obama stayed true to form by accusing white people of racism because they moved away from Dem-run urban nightmares.

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They will see it as an olive branch to the other side — and cite their basic humanity. It’s not. It is a shot across the bow to wipe their hands clean of the possible upcoming Democrat massacre at the presidential polls. It also throws out some useful verbiage before various members of the Obama administration see criminal charges come their way.

Barack Obama, not a stupid man, is not turning toward the middle.

He is merely positioning himself to do what’s best for the Obamas.

It wasn’t for his party (or the words would have been more forceful and followed by further words). And it wasn’t for his country.

It was for him and the political future of his wife.

For what Bill and Hillary Clinton will never accomplish — separate husband-and-wife presidencies — the Obama couple is aiming to do.

Keep an eye on it.

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