Speaking this morning to Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo of “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) praised President Donald Trump for his decisive actions and the role he played in overseeing a “real blow to the ISIS organization” by the killing of al-Baghdadi by U.S.-led forces on Saturday night.

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“It’s a good day for the world and a real blow to the ISIS organization,” said the Republican senator on Sunday morning.

“He was the spiritual leader — he was their heart and soul. He is dead.

“The caliphate has been destroyed because President Trump changed the rules.”

“This was a hard call by the president,” added Graham. “He deserves a lot of credit, but the glory goes to the men and women who planned this operation, executed it. Last night the best of America met the worst of mankind in Baghdadi and the good guys won.”

Graham also said, “I just cannot tell you how much of a reminder this should be to the people aligned with us that America will not forget acts of terrorism and those who oppose us. We will never forget you — and we’ll always come after you.”

“And to the families who have suffered under ISIS, I hope you get some comfort knowing that this bastard is dead.”

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Bartiromo and Graham added that al-Baghdadi killed himself by employing his suicide vest as the special forces closed in — and he took “three kids with him,” said Graham.

The detonation of the vest also injured a K-9 — who was involved in the raid.

“I hope the dog makes it,” added the senator.

“But this [was] a team effort. I mean, this is the best of America, including the dog going after the worst of mankind. And, you know, the guy goes into a tunnel and blows himself up with three kids — what a coward. Died a coward’s death.”

Graham added that Trump “has been determined to get this guy, Baghdadi, since the first day in office. I want to congratulate President Trump. He deserves a lot of credit for making a hard call.”

“To those who planned and executed this operation, God bless you and your families. And this is a reminder that America is never going to forget what happens to our people, and we’re going to be patient and we’re always coming after the bad guys. And this is a game-changer because ISIS is different today than it was yesterday.”

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