‘Seinfeld’ Star Rips Other Actors for Their ‘Embarrassing’ Actions Against Trump and His Supporters

John O'Hurley, best known for his J. Peterman role on the iconic sitcom, called out Debra Messing and Eric McCormack

John O’Hurley, an actor best known for his role as Elaine’s eccentric boss J. Peterman on the legendary NBC sitcom “Seinfeld,” tore into a pair of “Will & Grace” actors who are calling for Trump supporters to be shunned and doxxed.

Eric McCormack, a Canadian actor who played the character Will Truman, called for a boycott of Trump supporters in Hollywood — while Debra Messing, who played Grace Adler in the same series, called for donors to the president to be outed.

“Please print a list of all attendees please,” Messing wrote in response to a Hollywood Reporter story about an upcoming Beverly Hills fundraiser for the president. “The public has a right to know.”

That was shortly after McCormack demanded, “Hey, [Hollywood Reporter], kindly report on everyone attending this event, so the rest of us can be clear about who we don’t wanna work with.”

O’Hurley praised both McCormack and Messing as actors in their field — before shredding their political actions as “lunacy.” He also revealed he felt “embarrassed” by what they had done.


“Let me just say I’m embarrassed for both of them because I know them both. I’ve worked with Debra before,” O’Hurley explained. “They’re both smart people … They do wonderful work.”

“But they’re pushing a case that falls apart from the sheer weight of its lunacy, as though the Hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking,” he added.

The “Seinfeld” star said that he found the entire notion that Hollywood cannot accept a difference of opinion, as demonstrated by McCormack and Messing’s temper tantrum, to be “obscene.”

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O’Hurley is one of the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood; he says it’s frustrating to work in an industry where one’s opinions are shunned.

“It’s very difficult to be a conservative in Hollywood,” he said. “Even though there are many of us, you do feel you are an island fighting the storm.”

He did, however, point out that other well-known actors such as Bryan Cranston and Michael Richards have differing viewpoints than he does — but that he enjoys an actual intellectual conversation in which people debate the issues.

What McCormack and Messing have done is anything but intellectual.

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