It is not enough for some people to mock first lady Melania Trump for what she wears, how she waves to people, the way she decorates the White House — and just about everything else.

It is not enough for people to mock first daughter Ivanka Trump for her work on jobs,  job security, career issues, and American manufacturing.

And it is not enough for people to mock Barron Trump, the president’s youngest child, for things the teenager does or doesn’t do.

Now, those on the Left have gone after the entire Trump clan for their choice of seating at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday while President Donald Trump gave his speech to the world body — with some people erroneously claiming the family members were sitting in the section reserved for people with disabilities.

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Not only was the family sitting where they needed to sit — it was almost certainly not even their call.

Likely they were sitting where they were instructed to sit by their protection detail and other officials handling the U.N. event.

Yet look at this one tweet below. It captures some of the unfair and out-of-control criticism flying around right now in regard to the Trump family.

“Why are they sitting in the wheelchair-accessible section?” wrote one person.

But that was just the start.

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“They’re all mentally handicapped,” another person said on Twitter.

“It’s quite fitting that they are all sitting in the disabled section,” yet another person wrote.

And see this tweet as well:

Some even criticized Tiffany Trump for the way she was sitting (she’s shown far right).

This is all sad, dismaying and disrespectful.

A former senior intelligence officer told LifeZette on Tuesday, “Before people continue to comment and lose their minds about where members of the Trump family sat at the U.N., it is important that people understand there is a process [for events like this one]. The process, for instance, does not involve the Trump kids sitting wherever they want simply because something ‘looked like a good spot’ or was ‘convenient.'”

“There are security protocols and a strategy put in place for all such events that include the first family and key individuals,” the individual continued. “This includes strategic seating for all individuals under protection, who again do not have a voice in the process.”

Instead of the lowly jabs and cheap remarks some people are making, what about a sincere compliment or two about how wonderful it was that the president’s adult children and their spouses or significant others were there to support the president?

What about a little praise for such an accomplished and professional family?

How about a nod of respect?

Instead, people pout and push out nonsense without merit or background to try to tear down those with whom they disagree.

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