In an interview he did with Harris Faulkner of Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime” on Thursday, Ken Starr, a Fox News contributor and a former independent counsel, discussed the latest news and speculation about multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s untimely death.

“We know this is just abominable,” said Starr to Faulkner about Epstein’s passing. “He should be alive, unless he took his own life. And what we do know is that the protocol was so badly [handled] — but I have great confidence in Bill Barr that the attorney general of the United States will get to the bottom of this. Was it a hom[icide] — not saying it was, but was it a homicide? That’s a real possibility.”

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Starr explained in the interview that he first met Epstein back in 2007, “when my former law firm was brought in as part of the defense team to address the legal issues in Florida when he pled guilty.”

Epstein pled guilty, said Starr, “to serious offenses and entered into a global resolution of all of these claims and allegations — which again are serious allegations. My role, Harris, was to say to the federal government, this is a state case. It’s a serious state case, but the state of Florida [and] the Palm Beach County state’s attorney’s office is on the case. It’s investigating the case. And so let’s resolve this as a state case rather than a federal case.”

Harris asked him whether “global resolution” was enough for such serious allegations about convicted pedophile and sex offender Epstein.

“Oh, it’s just ridiculous,” replied Starr. “Go back and read in my judgment. Go back and read the non-prosecution agreement. He had to do things such as register as a sex offender, spend time in jail … So it was a very creative non-prosecution agreement, but it resolved all these issues. And I just want to say one thing about Jeffrey’s death: We’re getting more questions than we are answers.”

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“[There’s been] quite a bit of pushback on whether he got special treatment, quite frankly, Ken. Is it normal for people to be able to leave six days a week, 12 hours a day, to go to their office and then come back [to jail]?” Faulkner said.

“It was consistent,” said Starr. “It’s my understanding, Harris, that it was totally consistent with the practice at that time in Palm Beach County, and it may still be the [practice]. He got no sweetheart deal — to the contrary. I know that’s the conventional wisdom, but it was no sweetheart deal. Moreover, here’s what was really tough. And ironically, Alex Acosta, the former secretary of Labor — who was the United States attorney at the time — was insistent that there was a federal interest, even though all the evidence was everything that happened, happened in Palm Beach County.”

“We’re getting more questions [about Epstein’s death] than we are answers.”

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Harris questioned what this does for the new case going forward — whether prosecutors can legally go after any of the co-conspirators.

“It was a global resolution,” said Starr. “This case is over as long as Jeffrey abides by the terms of it. And I don’t know of any suggestion that he did not not. I’m not his lawyer, not the lawyer for the [estate] … I just don’t know. I hope that the federal government will simply recognize that it entered into a deal. It was approved by the justice department at very high levels, [by] the deputy attorney general’s office.”

“A deal is a deal,” he added. “The victims have a number of opportunities available to them, as I understand it, and there were opportunities made available under the non-prosecution agreement.”

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