The Real Agenda Behind the Democrats’ Anti-Male Movement

Ruse of anti-masculinity is a social construct in which everyone is 'nothing' and is thus powerless

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, a Democrat, claimed this week that the Republican Party will meet its demise because Republicans are “xenophobic” and embrace “toxic masculinity.”

He then asserted that they will fall because they “demonize” others.

Hmm. Can he not see the hypocrisy there?

Schoolchildren make fun of peers for the same faults they see in themselves. If a child feels dumb, he or she will call other classmates dumb. This is exactly what Gavin Newsom is doing.

The Democrats are unraveling because of their anti-human platforms. Their desire is to move men and women into a space of nothingness. If men should not be men, then what can they be? Stripped of their gender, they will become neutral humans. And that’s exactly the point.

Beneath the ruse of anti-masculinity is a social construction in which everyone is nothing. And when people are nothing — they are powerless.

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Biology has taught us for centuries that men are physically stronger than women. This is a good thing because it helped us all survive. It has also shown us that women bear children and awaken more easily in the night when their babies cry.

No one in their right mind would believe what Gov. Newsom claims because it denies common sense and is therefore laughable.

We all know better. And so does he.

So why does he make statements as outlandish as he recently did?

First, he and his colleagues are swallowed up by envy. Our country was established by white men, who by the hundreds of thousands insured that all people be free — so free, in fact, that those who followed could tear them apart.

Our Founders were powerful and they succeeded at what they sought to do. Were some of them wrong and cruel? Certainly. Just as men are today. White men have had the power to make the United States into what it is.

We are the country with less oppression than any other in the world. We have risen to greatness because of the hard work and power of men. And because they have had power and have been successful, we want what they have. Jealousy is a cruel friend and Newsom and his ilk are venturing to destroy the very thing they want.

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We have championed women in order to secure power for them. We have pushed for their rights to be CEOs of corporations and the finest professionals in the world. We have encouraged them to occupy seats that white men have occupied. We wanted women to bump men from their thrones because the power white men had was bad. So why isn’t it bad for women as well?

Second, the reason we elevate the minorities among us is to trample men. We see minority men and women as so incapable that we must have a scapegoat on whom they can blame their misfortune. And that scapegoat must make reparations.

But they will never make things right and they will never end. Most importantly, they secure minorities as powerless victims.

Third, since the Democrats have no plan to show us how they will improve the economy more than President Donald Trump has, help prisons reform better than he has, and have a sensible plan for border security, they can only resort to name calling. Just like the schoolgirl.

And they’ve jumped aboard the “let’s crush gender” train because they really believe that since most Americans buy into it, they will garner more votes. They are in for a surprise here. The greater movement toward gender neutrality cannot sustain itself. If everyone became gender neutral — with men denying their masculinity and women their femininity — we would cease to exist.

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The movement counters evolution to the maximum degree.

Finally, the movement exploits tortured and confused souls. Many in the past generation were raised in loneliness, divorce, emotional abandonment and isolation. Men and women of my generation were so absorbed in self-promotion and improvement that we left a generation of children behind. Then we allowed them to bond to screens — which make them lonelier.

They were thrown into so much confusion about who they are and where their real value is that they grabbed onto something fresh and new — a redefinition of the sexes.

The sexual revolution began because women wanted the sexual freedoms men “enjoyed.” But this didn’t satisfy women or men. So it moved on to something more radical: sexual fluidity. But that didn’t satisfy either, so it moved again into new territory: the redefinition of male and female. In other words, make each gender neither male nor female — and see what happens when they become indefinable.

Excuse me, but humans should never be experimented upon, let alone by such a drastic experiment as redefining humanity.

The Democratic mantra will disappear because it denies common sense and science.

Combine a confused and lonely child with a movement pressing toward something that won’t satisfy the soul, and you have the perfect storm. Change humans from the inside out. And be left with nothing.

So, Gov. Newsom, your arguments not only defy common sense, evolution and child protection and are replete with jealousy — they also take children to a land where they have absolutely no idea who they are. And that’s precisely what the Democrats want.

They prey on the most vulnerable in our nation: the young who don’t know better, the weak who are simply trying to survive, men and women absorbed in figuring out who they are, and the ignorant elite — who haven’t a clue how the majority of Americans live.

Republicans aren’t the ones who will disappear because they believe in common sense and science. The Democratic mantra will because it denies each of these. And common sense and science will never go away.

Dr. Meg Meeker has practiced pediatrics and adolescent medicine for more than 30 years. She is the author of the book “Hero: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need” (Regnery Publishing), along with a number of digital parenting resources and online courses, including The 12 Principles of Raising Great Kids.

meet the author

Dr. Meg Meeker has practiced pediatrics and adolescent medicine for more than 30 years. She is the author of the book “Hero: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need” (Regnery Publishing), along with a number of digital parenting resources and online courses, including The 12 Principles of Raising Great Kids.

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