President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that with another migrant caravan headed for the southern border, he’s planning to send more troops there.

Trump has faced several migrant caravans at the border over the past year, with the biggest occurring in the fall.

But the surge of migrants has caused tensions along the southern border and a contentious policy dispute among lawmakers. Now a new caravan with thousands more migrants is headed for the southern border.

“More troops being sent to the southern border to stop the attempted invasion of illegals, through large caravans, into our country,” Trump said in a tweet.

“We have stopped the previous caravans, and we will stop these also. With a wall it would be soooo much easier and less expensive. Being built!” he added.

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Trump has worked to prevent the migrants from crossing the southern border illegally. He’s already secured the border with additional border patrol personal and military support.

His administration has made the migrants wait across the border while their asylum claims are assessed. But nearly everything he’s tried to do has been met with lawsuits.

The caravans have sometimes included thousands of migrants, with many seeking asylum in this country. Many people from the earlier caravans are still waiting along the southern border while their claims are processed.

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The issue is many migrants might not have legitimate claims — or will make one up after getting caught in the country illegally.

Any illegal immigrants caught in this country are often released a short time after claiming asylum. They’re asked to return for a court date to determine their claims — but there is no guarantee they’ll even show up. Trump is hoping to avoid that problem by deterring them from illegally entering the country in the first place.

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The Trump administration has expressed concerns that nefarious individuals might be hidden within the caravans.

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed back in October that some individuals within the caravan are gang members or have significant criminal histories.

Seven unaccompanied minors were also rescued from human smugglers working inside one of the migrant caravans over the fall.

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