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‘Roe v. Wade’ Movie Faces Bias Before It’s Even Released

LifeZette spoke to director Nick Loeb about the social media pushback against his film's attempt to advertise

One of the most controversial movies right now is “Roe v. Wade” — and it hasn’t even been released yet.

Directed by Nick Loeb, the film features actors such as Jon Voight (pictured above right), Stacey Dash (above left) and Robert Davi.

“Roe v. Wade” tells the story of the controversial Supreme Court abortion decision — that many people continue to fight to this day.

The film has already had to battle massive fake news.

A reporter who visited the set claimed to have been assaulted. In an exclusive interview with LifeZette, Loeb said this was untrue and he had at least 50 witnesses to prove it.

Reports of people leaving the production because of the film’s political leanings were also exaggerated, said Loeb.

The director said that “everyone was extremely well aware” of the movie’s political leanings and that only “low-level” people left the production.

Other reports also indicated that actors like Kevin Sorbo turned down the project because they thought it was too extreme. Sorbo himself took to Twitter to dismiss this as fake news.

It seems the battle for “Roe v. Wade” is far from over, though. Aside from the barrage of fake news that’s already been thrown at the movie, now it seems it’s having trouble in the advertising realm.

The Hollywood Reporter recently offered a first look at the upcoming feature — and the film’s producers understandably wanted to advertise the major media attention. The only problem is Facebook denied the ad — and claimed it did not comply with its “advertising policies.”

Loeb wasn’t surprised by the pushback, as Facebook already had put roadblocks up for the movie. Facebook denied the movie the chance to advertise any crowdfunding measures, according to Loeb.

David Hermann, director of advertising with the digital marketing firm Social Outlier, told the HollywoodinToto site that the blocking of advertising for “Roe v. Wade” is because the social media company targets any terms that seem political.

Speaking to LifeZette on email, Loeb revealed he thinks the bias against his movie won’t actually hurt it.

“I think the bias will help the movie,” he said. “People will want to see what all the controversy is about.”

The director also said he thinks his movie and others who are tackling abortion in America — think last year’s “Gosnell” and the upcoming “Unplanned” — are part of a shift in young people’s views in terms of the abortion debate.

“Millennials today have trended more in favor of life than abortion, mainly due to new technology and being able to see that an unborn child is a person,” the director said.

“Roe v. Wade” is expected to be released this year.

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