So here we are in America, about to relive the nightmare of scores of Germans under the Nazis, as we stand in shock as cheering Democrats begin legalizing the murder of full-term, live babies.

Oddly, in New York, they are saying anyone can perform these late-term (including birth) abortions — which means the trusty coat hanger will become the tool of choice by those back-alley dwellers we thought the Democrats hated.

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Several points seem obvious. Democrats who support this debauchery have lost the right to ever say how much they love and care about “the children.” You know — the children that Republicans separate from families at the border, making sure they are actually related to the adults they come in with and are not being sold into sex slavery.

How dare those Republicans think a young 25-year-old covered with MS 13 tattoos could possibly mean us harm? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) chokes on her words of love for these rapists and murderers asking those heartless Republicans if these gang bangers don’t have a spark of divinity in them. Hey, Nancy, why don’t you invite a group of them to live in your huge home behind that big wall and then tell us what you think about that spark? It will give you a chance to experience that socialist dream you want to thrust on the rest of us.

Democrats were the first to accuse the Covington Catholic High School kids from Kentucky of harassing an elderly native American — when it was actually the other way around. Did they back off their claim, apologize for jumping to conclusions? No, they pretty much piled on and allowed these young teenagers to be threatened, verbally assaulted, vilified and marginalized, along with their entire religion.

Let’s look at what this Democrat move to full-term, out-of-the-womb babies is really all about. We had a glimpse of this shocking reality when the brave young man, David Delaiden, went undercover to tape the Planned Parenthood ghouls talking about crunchy baby body parts while they sipped their wine and ate their salads.

That reality was shocking to conservatives and was vilified by the Democrats and the Left. Oh, not because it was a discussion of harvesting and selling baby body parts, which they support. It was because David Delaiden was taping these women “illegally,” which has kept him, not the harvesters, tied up in legal knots.

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The bigger the baby parts, the bigger the price, so it is no wonder Democrats are supporting a plan by their high holy church of Planned Parenthood to make more money, perform more abortions, and defile more women.

Oh, yeah — they say it’s a woman’s right to kill her baby, but they don’t say she has a right to feel good after making that decision. Most don’t, and most have no one to turn to in their shock and their overwhelming sense of loss and sadness and life-time regret.

The Democrats are also positioned on the other end of life to play a version of their god.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, is an advocate of “end of life” options and was on Obama’s Council of Comparative Effectiveness Research, a program developed to determine who is worthy to live and who isn’t. Dr. Ezekiel believes medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled, not given to those “who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens … An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia.”

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In the June 18, 2008, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), he wrote that [medical health care] “savings will require changing how doctors think about their patients: Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously, as an imperative to do everything for the patient regardless of the cost or effects on others.”

Well, we don’t have to worry that Dr./Gov. Northam of Virginia is taking his oath too seriously as he explains in Kermit Gosnell calmness that “the infant would be delivered, kept comfortable and would be resuscitated if the mother requested it. Then a discussion would ensue between the physician and the mother, as to whether to kill the baby or not.”

This is a doctor, a pediatrician, talking about discussing the murder of a little baby that has just been born, as though ordering a ham sandwich.

Ironically, as the same Deathocrats are cheering the death of babies, they’re rolling out their single-payer (government-run) health care plans that would include programs such as the Comparative Effectiveness Research Commission that was key to the Obamacare plan.

So, if they can’t kill you coming, they will get you going.

It was considered “the rationing group” and was code for “when were you born.” They’re the ones who compare treatments and surgeries and outcomes and ultimately decide, depending on your age and your health care under a government-run plan, if you will receive the medical treatment you need if you are over 65.

I have a friend whose family still lives in Holland; four of her aunts and uncles were victims of their socialized medicine. They all went into the hospital for minor issues, and all of them “died” within a day of being there, with no explanation. The cause of death was determined to be “natural causes.”

That is the catch-all phrase that is used by the state; it’s impossible to challenge and generally accepted as code for “they were too old and not worthy to live.” Sort of like Gov. Northam on the other end of life, determining that these babies are not worthy to live past the first day of birth.

If Democrats don’t reject this bill in the Virginia House of Delegates, they will be responsible for eternally labeling themselves as the party of child murder.

Why not extend that time period to decide to kill the baby? Why just that day? Why not a year later, or when the kid is going through the terrible twos? Or at 16, when buying a car would put a strain on the finances, and possibly at 18, especially if the kids don’t agree with the parents politically? And think of the money they would save when it comes to college costs. Oh, but by that time it will be free — so that’s not a reason to kill them then. But — there is a reason to kill them 18 years before that, as a helpless baby, and it is backed by the government?

There are as many families waiting to adopt babies as there are abortions every year. Was that even discussed in the bill? At least the baby could be adopted to a waiting, loving family no matter what the circumstances or the condition. And does this baby not have a choice to live? Does the newborn baby not have the same rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that the mom and doctor have?

How can a law like this stand against the inalienable rights guaranteed to all citizens in the Constitution?

If Democrats don’t reject this bill in the Virginia House of Delegates, they will be responsible for eternally labeling themselves as the party of child murder, like they used to be known as the party of slavery, Jim Crow, racism and oppression.

Democrats who support this bill should not be allowed in a position that would give them power over children, as educators, doctors, nurses, or child care providers. They are saying it is OK to kill a fully formed, live child. The stigma of a MAGA hat will pale in comparison to anyone who identifies as a Democrat/Deathocrat if this bill passes.

Nina May is a writer, producer and director, and currently the showrunner on “Daily Bread,” a faith-based post-apocalyptic drama.

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