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Robert De Niro Says Donald Trump Is Like a ‘Nightmare’

'Goodfellas' and 'Meet the Parents' star feels the president is worse than anything he 'thought' he 'would see' in his lifetime

Actor Robert De Niro believes President Donald Trump is a “nightmare.”

The “Goodfellas” star told CNN on Monday that the commander-in-chief is worse than anything he ever thought he would see in his lifetime.

De Niro is 75 years old.

“I mean, I never thought in my lifetime, and I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime, I never thought — I was working out with my trainer the other day and I’m — we’ve seen horrible things over the years,” the actor said.

“But this is one of the worst that I have ever seen and that I ever, as I say, ever thought I would see, but it’s real.”

The New York native added, “I just, you know, I know what kind of person this guy is. He’s a New Yorker who I never would want to meet. Never want to meet him, and now he’s president — and the reason I wouldn’t want to meet him is because of the kind of person he is.”

He continued, “As we all know now, there’s nothing new. It’s just – it’s disgraceful. But we’ll get past it. It’ll be one of the thing — it’ll be like a nightmare that you remember. I’ll be with my trainer, we’ll be five years from now and say, ‘Remember all that stuff, how terrible it was?’ At least I … lived to see the time when this will all pass, like any nightmare.”

Robert De Niro has long been one of Trump’s most outspoken Hollywood critics.

He previously threatened to punch Trump, said the chief executive would not be welcome in a restaurant he helped open in Spain, called him a liar, and said his dream role was playing Robert Mueller on “Saturday Night Live” in a scene where he gets to arrest Trump.

Alec Baldwin plays the president on the show regularly, as fans know.

Robert De Niro is best known for roles in such films as “Raging Bull” and “Taxi Driver.”

He won the Best Actor Academy Award in 1981 for his work on “Raging Bull.”

He also won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award in 1975 for “The Godfather: Part II.” He has been nominated five other times over the years, the last of which was for Best Supporting Actor in 2013 for “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Other Hollywood celebrities have been ramping up their criticisms of Trump in recent weeks.

Baldwin himself theorized that the president is “punishment” for America’s historic sins like slavery.

And musician and entertainer Cher called him a “liar” and a “traitor” who is “ruining” America.

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