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Reiner Says Trump Is ‘Mentally Unstable’ and ‘Aiding’ America’s Enemies

'Stand by Me' and 'A Few Good Men' director had a Twitter meltdown

Director Rob Reiner (“Misery,” “Stand by Me,” “A Few Good Men”) had a Twitter meltdown over President Donald Trump on Thursday and Friday.

He believes the president is “mentally unstable” and “aiding and abetting” America’s enemies.

“Donald Trump is committing treason against The United States of America. He is aiding and abetting the enemy in The War against Isis and The Cyberwar against Russia,” the 71-year-old Reiner (pictured above right) wrote.

“He has turned the world’s oldest democracy into a wholly owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin. GOP, WAKE UP!”

Reiner followed that up with another tweet in which he called Trump “mentally unstable” and an “unstable, malignant narcissist.”

He also accused him of “committing treason.”

“All the adult rats are leaving the infantile sinking ship. We have been invaded by and are being occupied by a hostile enemy. We have a childish moronic mentally unstable malignant narcissist POTUS who is committing treason in front of our eyes. GOP, STEP THE F*** UP!” wrote Reiner.

He later tweeted on Friday that “impeachment is inevitable” for Trump.

He also said the president is an “ignorant criminal” that the GOP is enabling.

“Each day this mentally unstable man takes a step closer to destroying 242 yrs. of self rule. And though Democrats want to be restrained, impeachment is inevitable. Then GOP Senators will have to make a choice. Either protect Democracy or continue to enable an ignorant criminal,” he tweeted.

Rob Reiner has become increasingly politically outspoken during the presidency of Donald Trump.

He previously called Trump a “criminal” and suggested the president’s supporters are racists.

While he’s become increasingly political, Reiner’s film career has fallen.

While he continues to direct movies, they are far less relevant and impactful than his early films.

While he once made hits like “The Princess Bride,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “Stand by Me,” and “Misery,” he now makes films that go almost entirely unnoticed.

His most recent effort, the anti-Bush movie “Shock and Awe,” was released this year and was a colossal flop.

In addition to his directing work, Reiner is also known for his acting. His most well-known role is that of Michael “Meathead” Stivic from the groundbreaking TV sitcom “All in the Family,” which ran from 1971 to 1979.

More recently, he has starred in such films as “The Wolf of Wall Street” and his own “Shock and Awe,” and on television shows like “New Girl” and “Happyish.”

For more on Rob Reiner’s thoughts about Donald Trump, check out the video below: