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Dogged Determination: California Pooch Waited Nearly a Month for His Owners to Return

These animals are 'the very best of God's creatures'

Talk about a good boy.

A dog in Paradise, California, was found patiently waiting for his owners to return to their property following the devastating Camp Fire that ripped through the Butte County area last month.

The dog, named Madison, was left at the property.

He was left there because his owners were unable to reach him when the Camp Fire began to spread.

That’s the message the K9 Paw Print Rescue group wrote on Facebook earlier this week.

“They hoped and prayed he would be OK,” the center added.

After she was notified about Madison, an animal rescuer named Shayla Sullivan went to the scorched property to check on the dog, an Anatolian shepherd, several times before the pup’s owners were able to return.

Sullivan, who also helped to locate Madison’s brother Miguel, another Anatolian shepherd, said she left food and water for the dog regularly until one of his owners, Andrea Gaylord, was able to come back.

Finally, on Wednesday, the moment came.

“When they finally got clearance to go back to the lot where their house once stood … Madison was waiting there for them as if he were protecting his former home,” the rescue center wrote in a Facebook post.

The post had 17,000 reactions and more than 11,000 shares as of Saturday afternoon.

“He had stayed to protect what was left of his home, and NEVER gave up on his people!” Sullivan added on Facebook.

“He didn’t give up through the storms or the fire!”

“A LOOOOONG month it must have been for him!” she also wrote.

Many people on the social media platform applauded Sullivan for helping Madison and commended the pup for his loyalty.

“That’s amazing! Wonder how he stayed safe during the fire and has survived the last month. God is good.”

“Dogs are the very best of God’s creatures,” one person wrote.

“That’s amazing! Wonder how he stayed safe during the fire and has survived the last month. God is good,” another added.

“What a miracle. So happy for this family,” another wrote.

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The Camp Fire burned more than 150,000 acres.

It destroyed nearly 14,000 acres and killed 85 people, according to Cal Fire.

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