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Director Michael Moore Says Donald Trump Is ‘Profoundly Evil’

He also targeted former President George W. Bush

As most people know, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore does not like President Donald Trump or the Republican president before him, George W. Bush.

He again reiterated this point on Twitter on Friday.

The “Fahrenheit 9/11” director saw that it was the 10-year anniversary of Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi’s throwing both of his shoes at then-President George W. Bush at a press conference in Iraq — and decided it was a good time to point out that he thinks both Trump and Bush are evil.

Moore quote-tweeted a video of the incident and wrote, “Happy Shoe Day. Today is the 10th anniversary of this act of civil disobedience by an Iraqi citizen. Thousands of American troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians died for a lie Bush and Cheney told. Never, ever wish for this duo over Trump. Both are profoundly evil.”

Bush, of course, is not in office anymore, yet Moore went out of his way to say this — perhaps because he also wanted to take a shot at President Donald Trump.

Moore’s last film “Fahrenheit 11/9,” an anti-Trump documentary in which he compared the president to Adolf Hitler, was a box office bust.

It took in a mere $614 per theater on its opening day, according to BoxOfficeMojo, and ended up with only $6.4 million domestically.

Even so, Moore continues with his messages.

Back in September, Moore said Trump has “no respect for the rule of law” and that he may end up being the last American president ever.

Last October, when every smartphone in the country got a “presidential alert” from President Trump, Moore said, “Trump gave us a preview of the state of emergency he is creating to justify the end of democracy as we know it. RESIST!”

And in June, Moore seemed to call for violence to stop President Trump.

While appearing on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show,” he said, “Sadly, Trump is not going to leave. He plans to be re-elected; he loves the term ‘president for life.’ The only way that we’re going to stop this is eventually we’re all going to have to put our bodies on the line. You’re going to have to be willing to do this.”

Check out the trailer to Moore’s latest movie below:

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