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Bette Midler Uses Bush 41’s Passing to Imagine Trump’s Funeral

Political statements against this president are something the entertainer cannot resist

Instead of mourning the loss of the 41st president of the United States with respect, grace and dignity — entertainer Bette Midler reverted to her usual form.

She tried to belittle the 45th president of the United States this week while watching coverage of the mourning and honoring of Bush 41 during events and services in both Washington, D.C., and in Houston, Texas.

As the nation mourned the loss of President George H.W. Bush, Midler went on a Twitter rant.

“Commenters point out that no one will be able to eulogize #Trump in the way they have #PresidentBush and #SenatorMcCain, both Americans of long service and dignity,” she wrote.

“Can you imagine the #RoguesGalley that would gather at #Trump’s memorial?!? What could they say? You tell me!”

Former President George W. Bush delivered an emotional eulogy at his father’s funeral at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.

Every living president attended the funeral, including President Donald Trump, of course. Together in the front row were Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, as well as their wives by their sides.

The event was not about President Trump, of course. He attended it with Melania Trump in order to pay his respects to the Bush family and to honor the former president’s service to the country.

And yet, Midler would rather insult Trump viciously, never pausing from her usual activity in this regard — and hope that people dislike him as a person merely because she disagrees with his political positions.

While it is certainly low and ungracious for Midler to try to make the Bush funeral about Trump in a negative manner, this kind of rhetoric is nothing surprising or new coming from her.

Last month, she fantasized about special counsel Robert Mueller’s hanging Trump and his family “good and high”; she tweeted this as a response to a video from 2011, in which Donald Trump Jr. said he was looking to potentially develop or purchase golf courses or high-end hotels in Russia.

In October, Midler said the the world is “coming under siege from murderers, plunderers like him” in reference to the president.

That time, she was angry the Trump administration had considered changing the government’s classification of gender to be based on biology.

In July 2017, she also said that the United States could collapse as a country under the current administration because “we have no leader!”

Midler also referred to America’s first lady, Melania Trump, as “Flotits,” trying to demean her for her modeling career.

And she once tweeted that women are the “N-word” of the world — and was met with sharp backlash for that.

Lest anyone doubt this recounting, simply search for “Bette Midler and President Donald Trump” on Google — and scores of other references to her past negativity and critical comments will pop up.

It’s sad. And she is far from alone in this effort.

Tom Joyce is a freelance writer from the South Shore of Massachusetts. He covers sports, pop culture, and politics and has contributed to The Federalist, Newsday, and other outlets.