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Vulgar Snoop Dog, Puffing Away on Pot, Goes on Wild Rant Outside White House

Leftist rapper and 'Soul Plane' star has a history of bizarre political statements and acts, but this takes the cake

Snoop Dogg (pictured above right) exemplifies just how loony Hollywood leftists have become this week by posting several videos of himself outside the White House smoking weed and ranting about President Donald Trump.

“While you n***** vote, doing all this other bull****, I’m at the White House smoking,” the rapper said in one of the videos.

At another point he says, “F*** the president.”

“There go the White House right there, huh? All them motherf***ers are Secret Service, huh? Wish I could get out and take a picture right now, but you can’t park, huh,” he says to his driver while they’re in front of the White House.

“F*** it, let me out, n****. Let me get a picture. Snoop Dogg, f*** the president.”

In the final rambling video, Dogg can be seen smoking weed and watching Netflix while sitting on a park bench.

“Netflix and chill,” he says.

Dogg previously blasted fellow rapper Kanye West for his support of the president.

He commented on that in a recent interview on SiriusXM — but his words were so foul they can’t be printed here.

Dogg himself drew criticism last year when he released a music video that showed him pretending to shoot the president and then putting him in chains.

Snoop Dogg’s rants and raves outside the White House while taking hits off a joint is such a perfect example of where the Left is today. These folks wave their fists at the sky and go on vulgar rants — throwing out accusations they don’t seem to completely understand.

And how can someone like Dogg so fiercely go after West for having a different opinion than he does — when his own ideology is driving him to call entire groups of people as racist, pretend to shoot the leader of the free world in a music video, and post embarrassing videos of him swearing at the actual White House in some strange attempt to display his Trump Derangement Syndrome to the world?

Snoop Dogg — real name Calvin Broadus Jr. — is 47 and and a California native. He has four children.

The rapper is best known for such rap songs as “What’s My Name?” and “Gin & Juice.”

He made his name under the famous Death Row Records in the early ’90s.

Dogg has also dabbled in acting and his credits include films like “Training Day,” “Soul Plane” and 2004’s “Starsky & Hutch.” He can next be seen in “The Beach Bum,” which stars Matthew McConaughey.

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