15 Nationally Recognized ‘Holidays’ You Won’t Believe

Yep, these are really on the 'calendar' — including today's yummy National Pie Day

Chances are you’ve already noticed there’s a holiday for just about everything — or maybe you haven’t noticed, since you likely have better things to do.

These “holidays” flood our calendars each year, and some people can only celebrate so much.

For example, today — January 23 — is National Pie Day. People are very passionate about their pies!

There’s also Fruitcake Toss Day (January 3), Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (March 15), National Something on a Stick Day (March 28), Wear Pajamas to Work Day (April 16), World Kissing Day (July 6), Wife Appreciation Day (September 16) — and so many more.

This means your birthday isn’t really special anymore because you probably share it with National Tin Can Day.

Scroll through the gallery to see some of the holidays that rise to the top (if we’ve left out your favorite, let us know!).