Ocasio-Cortez Lashes Out at Republicans for ‘Drooling’ Over Her Missteps

Then she went after them for their stance on health care

Did you see this?

The newly elected Democratic lawmaker from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29, ripped into Republicans on Twitter on Sunday night.

She is accusing members of the GOP of “drooling” in anticipation of every mistake she might make in “real time.”

She says Republicans are “drooling over every minute of footage of me in slow-mo, waiting to chop up [any] word slips” she might make as she goes about her business as a newly elected representative.

Then she went even harder.

She said that maybe “they [should] actually step up enough to make the argument they want to make: that they don’t believe people deserve a right” to health care in this country.

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Here’s the tweet in question:

Ocasio-Cortez handily won election in New York’s 14th Congressional District in the midterms, representing parts of Queens and the Bronx.

The young woman who grew up in the well-to-do Westchester County, New York, for most of her life has described herself proudly as a Democratic socialist — she once worked for the campaign of Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

And lately she’s been complaining on social media about how she’s being treated by others.

Last Thursday, as Fox News noted, she whined that critics were calling her “divisive” because she participated in a demonstration about climate change two days earlier outside the office of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“When I respectfully join young people in an action promoting climate action while encouraging leadership decisions, it’s ‘divisive,’” she tweeted.

A video that circulated on social media showed Ocasio-Cortez high-fiving protesters with the Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats gathered outside Pelosi’s office before addressing them.

“I just want to let you know how proud I am of each and every single one of you for putting yourselves, and your bodies, and everything on the line to make sure that we save our planet, our generation, and our future,” Ocasio-Cortez told them. “We do not have a choice. We have to get to 100 percent renewable energy … There is no other option,” she added.

“We need to tell her that we’ve got her back in showing and pursuing the most progressive energy agenda that this country has even seen.”

The protest lasted more than an hour — but Pelosi was not in her office during the time period.

Then, last Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez “wrote that people on Capitol Hill were repeatedly mistaking her for an intern, or thinking she was the spouse of a member of Congress, rather than a lawmaker-elect,” as Fox News reported.

“People keep giving me directions to the spouse and intern events instead of the ones for members of Congress,” she wrote.

She also said last week that some of those she represents in Queens reacted with “outrage” that online giant Amazon had decided to bring 25,000 jobs to the borough.

Earlier this month, soon after becoming the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, Ocasio-Cortez complained that she wouldn’t have enough money to rent a Washington, D.C., apartment until she begins drawing her congressional salary in January.

She will earn approximately $174,000 a year as a lawmaker.

“Don’t worry btw,” she later tweeted. “We’re working it out!”

And check out this tweet about her from conservative actor James Woods:

As The (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News has reported, Ocasio-Cortez was born in the Bronx to parents of Puerto Rican descent, but after the age of two was raised in Westchester County, New York, one of the most well-to-do and high-income areas of the country.

Ocasio-Cortez spent most of her life as a young person in Yorktown Heights.

She graduated from Yorktown High School in 2007.

In 2011 she graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations.

Her father passed away during her college years.

She has said her background was working class, and that she “relates many of her political positions to it,” as her Wikipedia page notes.

Her father died of lung cancer in 2008 without a will — and after that, “she became involved in a long probate battle to settle his estate. She has said that the experience helped her learn ‘firsthand how attorneys appointed by the court to administer an estate can enrich themselves at the expense of the families struggling to make sense of the bureaucracy.’ She credits seeing the treatment of her cousin by law enforcement, as well as her Catholic faith, for her desire to overhaul mass incarceration in the criminal-justice system.”

Ocasio-Cortez has said she is still paying off her student loans, at age 29 — and that until recently, she had no health insurance, as Forbes noted.

She worked as an organizer for 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders; ultimately she adopted a very progressive platform similar to his.

She endorsed a far-Left group’s bid to put up primary candidates against moderate Democrats in 2020.

Back in June, Ocasio-Cortez stunned many when she beat longtime incumbent U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, in a primary race.

This past Saturday, she endorsed a far-Left group’s bid to put up primary candidates against moderate Democrats in 2020.

Justice Democrats calls its effort #OurTime. “We recruited and supported Ocasio-Cortez all the way to a historic victory,” the executive director of the group told Politico in a statement, “and now we’re going to repeat the playbook.”

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