CNN Panel in Chaos: Navarro Calls Trump a ‘Racist Pig’

Advocating for immigration enforcement and border security, plus criticizing Andrew Gillum, apparently are enough to earn this label

Image Credit: Screenshot, CNN

A panel on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” blew up on Sunday night when CNN political commentator Ana Navarro insisted President Donald Trump was a “racist pig” because of his emphasis on securing America’s border and clamping down on illegal immigration into this country.

The panelists began the segment by discussing Trump’s attacks on Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (D), a progressive who is running against Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) in a razor-thin race for Florida’s governorship.

When Trump criticizes Gillum, who is black — it usually doesn’t take long for liberals to label him a racist.

“[Trump’s] making the same political play that he made in 2016 and that won him Florida in 2016,” insisted Navarro (pictured above left), who somehow bills herself as a Republican.

“There’s a campaign that’s being run on fear, fear-mongering, division, hostility, gloom and doom, ‘the end of the world is coming,’ ‘the alien invasion is coming,’ ‘build the wall’ — despite the fact we are a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides,” she also said.

“And on the other side, you’ve got happy warriors trying to inspire, trying to unite, trying to offer ideas, talking about happy things and a brighter future. That’s the choice in front of Florida right now,” Navarro added. “I hope Floridians reject the politics of division. I hope they reject the lies, the demagoguery, the talk that Andrew Gillum is going to turn Florida into Venezuela, which could not be a bigger lie …”

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Navarro insisted that the president is trying to “scare the bejesus out of voters.”

But CNN political commentator Steve Cortes (above right) accused her of trying to “cherry-pick” statements from Trump’s rallies while ignoring his more positive messaging about economic growth and other issues.

“I believe both are going to win for us. And by the way, it’s not fear-mongering to talk about the need for real border control,” Cortes insisted. “We have tens of millions … of illegal immigrants in this country, illegal aliens residing here. That’s not OK. The president was crystal clear about that as a candidate in 2016. It is clearly part of his mandate.”

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo (above center) appeared to side more with Navarro, saying, “But being here illegally doesn’t make you a murderer, doesn’t make you a gang-banger, doesn’t make you a drug dealer. And that’s how [Trump] talks about these people in the main. And it’s inaccurate and it’s ugly, and we know why he’s doing it, Steve.”

Cortes shot back, “But there are some who are, Chris.”

“And what do the Democrats want to do? Gillum wants to eliminate ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement],” added Cortes. “He wants to make Florida a sanctuary state. He wants to bring San Francisco values to Florida. Political correctness sometimes isn’t just dumb. It can be deadly.”

Navarro fired back, “It does not take a genius to figure out that what he [Trump] is doing is just milking the hell out of the immigration issue as a wedge issue — rising up racism, rising up distress and angst over the invasion of the ‘brown people from the south.'”

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Navarro, Cortes and Cuomo began talking over one another. After Cortes accused Cuomo of coming “from the presupposition” that Trump is a “racist,” Cuomo denied it.

“No, I don’t. Don’t cheapen the logic of what he does,” insisted Cuomo. “Just follow what he says, when he says it and why he says it. Make your own judgment.”

And then chaos erupted when Navarro launched into her own tirade — and the panel talked over each other.

Cortes told Navarro, “When you don’t want to talk about policy, you call him a racist. It’s the scarlet ‘R’ now.”

“I think he’s racist. He called Mexicans criminals and rapists. He called El Salvador and Haiti s***holes. Sign me up in the category of the people who think he’s racist,” Navarro said. “He has said so many racist things. He has done so many racist things.”

Cortes fired back, “When you don’t want to talk about policy, you call him a racist. It’s the scarlet ‘R’ now.”

“He is a racist pig!” Navarro cried.

Watch more of this chaotic segment below:

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