Liberal Ladies of ‘The View’ Slam Kavanaugh and the Judiciary Committee

ABC co-hosts went after Supreme Court nominee and all other men who 'are not protecting women' amid sexual assault accusations

Image Credit: ABC

ABC News’ “The View” co-host Joy Behar (shown above, center) claimed on Wednesday that the “old” and “white men” on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary “are not protecting women” because they’re seeking testimony from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser as part of its investigation.

“This is what I grew up with, that men are supposed to protect you from these predatory males. And they’re not doing that,” Behar insisted.

“On the contrary, these people in Congress right now in that Senate Judiciary Committee, these white men — old, by the way — are not protecting women.”

Behar also blasted Kavanaugh when she accused the Senate committee members of “protecting a man who is probably guilty.”

“If you’re not [guilty], Judge Kavanaugh, take the lie detector test. Prove it the way she [the accuser] did and the way Anita Hill did, that they were not lying,” Behar added.

“Let’s see that from you, or are you a coward?”

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Anita Hill accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexually harassing her and almost derailed the confirmation process for Thomas back in 1991.

President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh to replace outgoing Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy in July. Although accuser Christine Blasey Ford first detailed her allegations of sexual assault anonymously in a letter delivered to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), she first outlined her accusations publicly Sunday in an article for The Washington Post.

Ford’s 11th-hour accusations completely upended Kavanaugh’s confirmation process the week the Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to vote on his nomination.

Although Kavanaugh agreed to testify on September 24, Ford’s lawyers insisted that she will not testify without an FBI investigation. Kavanaugh has “categorically and unequivocally” denied Ford’s accusations, saying he has “never done anything like what the accuser describes — to her or to anyone.”

Two other co-hosts on “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg (above left) and Sunny Hostin (above right), joined Behar in criticizing Kavanaugh and the GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“This is where the men need to step up. This is where — see, the problem has been we have not as women, we have not taught the men that they need to step up,” Goldberg said.” And they’re trying to figure out, ‘OK, so what do I do?’ But I think she’s really talking to all those men on the Hill.”

“That happened with Anita Hill in 1991 and she testified, and she’s been very, very vocal about this issue and about Kavanaugh’s hearing and about what this Senate should do,” Hostin noted.

“Why doesn’t the FBI investigate these allegations?”

“Get the full story and then have the hearing,” Hostin advised.

Although co-host Abby Huntsman urged more caution, she still called for the “good men” to “speak out more about what has gone wrong in this country for so many years that women have had such a hard time coming out.”

“There are a lot of people in this country that want to hear [Ford’s] story —they want to hear from her. I understand that she might need more time because of what she’s gone through,” Huntsman said. “I also feel for the women in Kavanaugh’s family. I think here are a lot of people that are going through some really tough times right now.”

“But whether she needs time or not, her story is compelling enough that you don’t even need a background check or another FBI background,” Huntsman added. “There’s enough in her story where I think you’re going to have…[senators] say, ‘We can’t go down the road and support this guy.'”

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But Behar cut off Huntsman, insisting, “I totally disagree with that. Because I think [GOP senators] are vehemently for overturning Roe V. Wade. They want that, the right wing in this country wants it.”

“It still becomes he said/she said and they will vote for him,” Behar added.

Hostin rebuked “the men that have daughters and that have wives and that have sisters,” saying, “Where are they? Why aren’t they standing up and saying, ‘Let’s do the investigation, let’s listen to her, let’s hear this story?’ I want to hear more from them. I’m so surprised at all of these people.”

Goldberg chimed in, insisting, “Clearly those guys don’t see that as being important because they’re not looking at their daughters the same way they look at their sons.”

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