Actress Alyssa Milano actually believes that casting a vote for a third-party candidate equates to “Russian meddling.”

In a Tuesday night tweet, the “Charmed” and “Insatiable” star attacked Green Party voters in Ohio.

This is why Americans today are so tired of celebrities who become politically active.

Milano’s tweet is extremist and ignorant.

This is America. People have the right to vote for whomever they choose.

Suggesting that third-party voters are treasonous and on the side of another country is baseless, and it’s yet another sign that leftists are becoming more and more dictatorial — bullies, even — in their efforts to win votes and get Trump and other Republicans out of office.

Leftist celebrities have already been shaming absolutely anyone who even partially supports the president — and now they’re attacking third-party voters, too. Milano’s shameful tweet has the stink of desperation on it.

You would think artists would be all for more voices and opinions in politics — but that is clearly not the case with today’s Hollywood lefties. Milano’s tweet is unfortunately not the only one from a Hollywood star who is shaming Green Party voters.

“Will & Grace” and “The Mysteries of Laura” actress Debra Messing tweeted the following as a message to Green Party voters.

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Milano later retweeted the sentiment.

Maybe Democrats should start addressing the issues that everyday Americans are concerned with — and stop getting caught up in identity politics, conspiracy theory rhetoric and PC bullying if they want votes, because shaming those who seek other voices is not a great strategy.

Having millionaire celebrities doing that shaming from the safety bubble of Hollywood is an even worse strategy.

Conservatives have been speaking up and out about the Milano tweet, by the way.

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