Hollywood Goes Anti-Trump for the Fourth of July (Does This Surprise You?)

Tinseltown hijacks and politicizes 'The Purge,' a disturbing horror movie franchise, in order to attack the president

Begun as a micro-budget horror franchise, “The Purge” movies managed to ask some thought-provoking questions about human nature — while delivering some goofy (and R-rated for strong and disturbing violence) fun.

Like much of the content churned out of B-movie maker Blumhouse, the flicks were big hits, too. The first three movies did exceptionally well at the box office and don’t seem to be slowing down.

In theaters today is the franchise’s fourth entry, “The First Purge,” which serves as a prequel to the previous flicks.

In the newest installment, the origins of the franchise’s nifty but simple concept are examined — in a future America, all crime, including murder, is legal for 12 hours every year.

This night is called the purge.

A history of the fictional holiday can be found below.

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While the first two movies focused on character and the moral lines people draw for themselves, the latest entries in “The Purge” universe have became political talking points masquerading as popcorn horror movies.

“The First Purge” isn’t even trying to hide its political motivations. Early marketing targeted President Donald Trump and his supporters almost immediately. A teaser for the film included a red hat similar to the merchandise many Trump supporters sport — except instead of saying “Make America Great Again,” the hat read, “The First Purge.”

The film’s producer, Jason Blum, has even thrown marketing 101 out the window and gone political in interviews, likely slashing some of the potential audience for his film.

In true Trump derangement syndrome fashion, the filmmaker said he could see President Trump making “The Purge” into a reality.

“If every time there’s a shooting in the United States, the government’s answer is put more guns in people’s hands, then what ‘The Purge’ is showing doesn’t seem all that crazy,” he told Variety in a recent interview. “Donald Trump keeps saying, ‘Give teachers guns.’ I could see him saying, ‘Let people shoot whoever they want to for 12 hours a year.’”

So instead of logical arguments against the president, Hollywood leftists have now devolved into arguing against extreme hypotheticals not based in reality, but on some goofy movies?

It’s no coincidence that “The First Purge” is landing in theaters on July 4. The movies have quickly turned into films that make veterans and patriots the enemy. In this wacky universe, it is the rich who have created the purge in order to wipe out minorities and poor people. Oh, and they usually hire ex-military members to take to the streets and do their dirty work. Oh, brother …

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“The Purge” franchise has been weaponized. It was a popular and original concept hijacked to make obvious and pushy political points. No doubt the more political these flicks get, the less people will show up.

Hollywood doesn’t care about that today, though. Those who run it will attack Trump at any and all costs.

And don’t worry. There’s plenty more “purge” coming. A television series is set to debut on USA Network in September.

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