Chelsea Handler Thinks Republicans ‘Are Perfectly Fine with Kids Getting Killed in Schools’

Liberal comedian-turned-activist has taken her political rhetoric to an extreme new level

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Chelsea Handler has ratcheted up her incendiary political rhetoric ever since President Donald Trump moved into the White House.

That’s why what comes next is not really very surprising at all.

The actress and now political activist reacted to the news about the president’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court the way many other Hollywood celebs did.

She didn’t take it well at all.

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“Republicans want to take away our health care, female rights to birth control and also are perfectly fine with kids getting killed in schools,” she declared.

“What a party. #NovemberIsComing,” she threatened on Twitter.

About that blue wave … it’s hard to believe that will be happening this November.

Handler reacted in particular to a tweet from Washington Post reporter Sean Sullivan.

“Asked GOP Sen. Hatch, who met with Kavanaugh this a.m., about Ds arguing he’s a threat to the ACA,” Sullivan wrote. “He said: ‘The Affordable Care Act is one of the broad, inclusive bills that you’ll ever see. And anybody who thinks it’s not going to be litigated sometime in the future is nuts.’ ”

Handler experienced a serious backlash over her claim that Republicans are “perfectly fine with kids getting killed in schools.”

“Most Republicans want babies not being killed! And nobody wants any kids killed in any school. AND it’s not ! Your healthcare if you don’t pay for it !!!!!!” a Twitter user fired back at her.

“Please cite your sources where we want to take away health care, birth control, and are fine with kids being murdered,” another retorted. “Because YOU, my dear, are sooooo wrong … And thank you for finally admitting that women are only using abortion as a means of birth control and not for their health.”

Handler also got some brutal fact-checking thrown in her face over her claim that Republicans want to “take away our health care.”

“As a Canadian, the truth of this hurts and many Canadians can’t accept it as fact. You want and need quality/specialized care here? They recommend U.S. hospitals and doctors. You come into the ER in an ambulance, wait three hours to get noticed and wait three more to get meds/tests,” another said.

This isn’t the first time Handler has stirred the pot with her over-the-top accusations: She told Republicans that “blood is on your hands” after the Parkland, Florida school shooting, and she even blamed Trump for the horrible California forest fires.

One might say her material has transitioned from vulgar comedy to political slander.

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