Here’s Why More Men Are Deciding to Go Under the Knife

The number of males getting plastic surgery right now is rapidly increasing — and will only continue to do so

It’s not only women who are going under the knife to improve their physical appearance these days.

In recent years, the number of men who are undergoing plastic surgery to bolster their looks has skyrocketed, according to a recent study released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In 2017, men received over 1.3 million cosmetic procedures. Nose reshaping (52,000), eyelid surgery (32,000), liposuction (28,000), breast reduction (26,000), and hair transplants (14,000) made up the top five most common procedures. Of these medical operations, breast reduction (30 percent), liposuction (23 percent), and tummy tucks (12 percent) all saw the sharpest boost in the number of procedures taking place over the past five years.

Friday night’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News took on this explosion of male plastic surgery. “This is wild,” said host Laura Ingraham about the numbers and the details.

“It’s risen by 29 percent,” said Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo.

“Wait a second, wait a second — when people say the word ‘moobs,’ is that what they’re talking about? … [So] it’s not an augmentation unless we’re talking about a gender transformation,” said Ingraham. “It’s a [breast] reduction.”

Arroyo agreed. “They’re reducing the ‘man boobage.'”

The same study found that the number of older men who have been using filler injections on their faces has increased by 99 percent since 2000. In 2017, nearly 100,000 men went this route — and Botox’s popularity increased by 400 percent.

One might wonder why these men are doing all of this. The reasons include a desire to appear more masculine, a boost (they hope) to their self-confidence, and the idea of gaining a head start on losing weight, as MSN reported. Of course, there are health risks involved with all procedures — but that’s a risk men must weigh before deciding if they want to undergo surgery.

“More and more men are coming to my office to have an open discussion about their insecurities,” Lorelei Grunwaldt, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said in the press release from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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“When I explain the wide range of surgeries and procedures available to help them achieve their goals, I can see the look of relief on their faces. For a lot of men, just having a procedure on an area of their body that they’re self-conscious about can really make a positive impact on how they see themselves.”

The trend may seem abnormal now — but it appears to be catching on with the younger generations, and especially metrosexual men. Like it or not, the trend is likely to continue to rise in the coming years.

Tom Joyce is a freelance writer from the South Shore of Massachusetts. He covers sports, pop culture, and politics and has contributed to The Federalist, Newsday, and other outlets.