Late-Night Host Calls to Abolish ICE: ‘Let’s Shut It … Down!’

Leftist comedian Samantha Bee represents extreme liberal view that there should be no borders for the U.S.

To many liberals, enforcing our country’s borders and screening people who come to America is a “crime against humanity.”

Asking people to obey the laws is not compassionate, they say. Demanding that people show some photo ID in order to vote is a racist plot against our “democracy.”

Everything in our society is “heartless” and “cruel” — unless it benefits the Democratic Party.

So that raises the question (at least to some): Why even have an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency?

That’s what late-night host Samantha Bee wants to know, as she displayed with vulgar force in a “comedic” tirade against ICE agents on Wednesday night.

Bee “joked” on her alleged comedy show “Full Frontal” that an ICE agent’s job application was “just a single question asking if the real hero of ‘Schindler’s List’ was the girl shouting, ‘Goodbye, Jews.'”

So it’s “funny” to compare the nation’s honorable border agents to Nazi sympathizers?

Remember, Bee and her ilk are the same people who are unable to tell whether President Donald Trump is calling MS-13 gang members “animals” or all illegal immigrants animals, and who don’t comprehend that “rapists” are different from the “good people” coming to the U.S. from Mexico and Central America.

“If that criticism of ICE makes you sad, here’s a proposal,” Bee continued. “Let’s shut it the f*** down. I’m serious. It’s awful. And we don’t actually need it. You know, I’m a liberal. I don’t usually advocate for smaller government, but in this case, as I say to my barista every morning, there should be one less ICE.”

What liberals who advocate for “smaller government” don’t get is that there is an entire world that exists outside of their posh Manhattan apartments and luxurious California mansions.

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Back in real-world America, there are MS-13 “animals” beheading victims and ripping their hearts out, along with illegal aliens running sex trafficking rings, smuggling narcotics and other illegal drugs, and committing violent crimes against innocent and hardworking U.S. property owners.

The brave people of ICE who go to the front lines to guard our nation against such destructive and illegal behavior, and screen for good law-abiding immigrants, should be applauded for their efforts, not demonized.

Sadly, dehumanizing smears are par for the course in today’s Hollywood.

It would be nice if Samantha Bee would volunteer to walk one day in the boots of an ICE agent — before comparing these honorable people to Jew-murdering Nazis.

Kyle Becker is a content writer and producer with LifeZette. Follow him on Twitter

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Kyle Becker is a content writer and producer with LifeZette.