A post on a website last week in which a godmother said her three-year-old nephew “proudly admits that he is gay” went viral — and is still causing shock waves. The bulk of the post has been deleted now, “because of homophobic abuse and [the] bullying of a three-year-old child,” according to the writer.

In the original tweets on which the post on pride.com was based, “Caren,” the godmother and aunt of the male toddler, noted the small child was interested in “braiding hair, putting makeup on dolls, and pretending to be a beauty queen,” LifeSiteNews reported.

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“We didn’t force him” or teach him, “Caren” said in a later comment. “He wanted to have dolls, be a mermaid, play Elsa, act like a beauty queen, etc. We supported him because why not? He denies he is a ‘boy’ because he wants to be a ‘girl.’ He proudly says, ‘I’m gay!'”

She also admits this information is probably better kept within the family.

Social media responses about these events have ranged from lauding to lambasting — to lampooning. Many people have raised serious concerns about he child’s home environment.

Average Americans are concerned about all of this as the war on children’s innocence rages on in this country.

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“Folks, this is a toddler,” a 28-year-old business professional from Raleigh, North Carolina, told LifeZette this week. “This sounds more like the child has a bunch of cheerleaders in his life rather than trusted adults to guide him.”

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Many of the concerns were straightforward: Can a little kid truly express his sexual orientation? Children do not sexually mature until years later; the idea that a three-year-old is sexually savvy enough and physiologically developed to declare his sexual orientation seems, to put it lightly, far-fetched.

“The concept of a ‘gay identity’ is a political strategy by the homosexual movement,” Brian Camenker, founder of MassResistance, a pro-family advocacy group in Massachusetts, told LifeZette. “Although it’s been quite successful, there never has been any actual or genetic truth to it.”

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“The various pronouncements by the AMA [American Medical Association}, APA [American Psychological Association], and other medical groups are the result of vicious intimidation and harassment campaigns — not any actual scientific inquiry,” he said.