A new week episode of “Saturday Night Live” presented leftists with yet another opportunity to attack anything and everything conservative (you expected differently?).

The focus was a “Meet the Cohens” parody fashioned after the film “Meet the Parents.”

“Parents” star Ben Stiller even jumped in on the action to play Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney.

Robert De Niro — who also starred in “Parents” — made an appearance in the sketch, too, as Robert Mueller. He was there to interview Cohen with a lie detector test, an obvious reference to when De Niro’s “Parents” character does the same to Stiller in the comedy hit. The difference between this sketch and the movie is that the “SNL” team used the skit to ram their political views into American households; the film, meanwhile, had aimed only to provide a few laughs.

“I will gladly go to jail to protect Donald Trump,” Stiller said as Cohen before the interview started.

During the scene, Stiller, playing Cohen, was asked if he had threatened adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

“Directly? No. But let’s just say I cut a lot of letters out of magazines,” he said.

As the questioning from De Niro’s Mueller progressed, he claimed that the FBI had nicknames for everyone involved in the special counsel investigation. When Stiller asked De Niro about Trump’s nickname, he said, “It used to be Putin’s little b****. Now it’s Stormy’s little b****.” (Leave it to “SNL” to go over the top in every way possible.)

The nicknames, of course, don’t make much sense, since Trump has been tough on Russia during his presidency. His actions to combat Russia range from airstrikes in Syria to expelling 60 Russian diplomats from Washington and placing sanctions on the country, all within the past month.

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De Niro’s Mueller also said the FBI referred to Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, as “girlfriend.” Yup, that’s right. Those on the Left have taken the president’s pride in his daughter’s character and accomplishments and tried to twist it into something creepy. Shameless.

De Niro’s Mueller finished by telling Stiller’s Cohen, “You broke the law and now we’re going to catch all of you little Fockers, you got that?” (“Fockers” was a reference to Stiller’s character’s last name in the “Meet the Parents” franchise.)

Week after week, “SNL” shares the same shtick and agenda. The show seems to have a loyal audience of close-minded individuals who would hate this president even if he cured cancer — but this program does not resonate with most of America.