The syndicated columnist and political pundit Michelle Malkin is a well-known defender of the First Amendment. In print, on the airwaves, and on the internet, the Colorado-based conservative promotes constitutional freedoms and amplifies the signals of those crying out for justice when those freedoms are attacked.

Malkin’s perspective as a free speech warrior positioned her perfectly to comment on Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s newest segment of “The Ingraham Angle,” the Defending the First series, which began this week.

When Ingraham on Thursday night pointed to the George Soros-funded groups that are devoted to silencing conservative voices, Malkin expounded on the methods the groups use to accomplish their goals. The Soros-funded groups include Media Matters, Media Matters Action Network, Center for American Progress/Think Progress, Color of Change, and People for the American Way.

Malkin identified Media Matters as one of the worst offenders and enemies of freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

That group “has been at the forefront of the speech squelchers who are highly organized, incredibly disciplined, and obviously deeply funded,” she said.

She said many of these organizations are tax-exempt. “Blatantly partisan political organizations have cast themselves as somehow educational or social welfare groups,” she said. Under Democratic administrations, she explained, the definitions of tax-exempt organizations were expanded.

“Media Matters has gone after every prominent, conservative, effective voice in the public square,” she added.

“The encroachment of these censors and these bullies in the public square [have] left an undeniable cloud over the First Amendment and free expression,” said Malkin, noting the particularly chilling effect it has had on social media.

“You have these corporations that just wilt,” Ingraham said, referring to companies that succumb to leftists’ pressure campaigns. “They get a hundred emails from some left-wing activist, and they wilt.”

Malkin agreed, adding, “In some cases, the supposed ‘backlash’ that elicits this feckless response from corporations that just don’t want any bad publicity sometimes constitutes a couple of tweets.”

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She said some of the Soros-funded, conservative speech-suppressing activist organizations “exploit their social justice status. They have an absolute immunity shield to go after conservatives for expressing mainstream thought and opinion.”

News outlets are not alone in their attacks on Malkin. She is regularly the subject of race-related epithets.

Malkin herself has been a victim of those who would like to silence her; mainstream media regularly go after her. Yet she does not call for others’ rights to freedom of expression to be quashed. Instead, she uses her own freedom of speech to counter their agenda-driven diatribes.

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News outlets are not alone in their attacks on Malkin. She is regularly the subject of race-related epithets online from social media users. In the past several days alone, Malkin received the tweets shown below. And her method of dealing with the haters speaks both to her savvy with all things social media-related (she’s a master at dealing with trolls) and to her commitment to First Amendment freedoms.

“The agenda of these left-wing character assassins is to marginalize mainstream thought,” Malkin said. Fortunately, when they come up against forces like Malkin, they don’t get very far.

Michele Blood is a Flemington, New Jersey-based freelance writer and a regular contributor to LifeZette.