Why is anyone even watching anymore? Actor Alec Baldwin even said at one point that he’d retire his impression of President Donald Trump.

And what would the show do without Trump? The controversial actor seems to find the temptation of catering to his far-Left audience too tempting to retire anything — as he has since co-written a book as his Trump character and continues to trot out his performance on “Saturday Night Live.”

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Baldwin opened the latest episode from a mock press conference.

“I’ve got a lot of trade wars to escalate here,” said Baldwin’s Trump as he told the media he needed the press conference to go quickly.

He also bragged about expelling “the infamous Chinese billionaire P.F. Chang.”

Baldwin’s character tackled several Trump-related headlines, including the president’s critical words toward Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

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“He’s way richer than me and he [Bezos] admits to being bald, so I feel threatened on two levels,” said Baldwin’s Trump as an explanation for his troubles with Amazon’s Bezos. 

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Baldwin’s Trump closed the press conference by saying, “I don’t care about America. This whole presidency is a four-year cash grab and admitting that will probably get me four more years.”

Former “SNL” star Rob Schneider recently opened up to LifeZette about his feelings toward the current “Saturday Night Live” and why the political humor falls flat for so many.

“If you read his [Baldwin’s] Twitter feed, if you know how he feels politically — the joke’s given away. There’s no surprise,” said Schneider of Baldwin’s impression of the president.

The comedian hit the nail on the head. “Saturday Night Live” isn’t a show going after laughs anymore. It has become a weaponized leftist propaganda tool with lame jokes that seemed stolen throughout the week from angry Twitter trolls.