As most of the country knows by now, Joy Behar made an embarrassing display of herself during last Friday’s episode of “The View” when she gleefully celebrated the “news” regarding General Mike Flynn.

“Michael Flynn promised full cooperation to the Mueller team and is prepared to testify that, as a candidate, Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians,” said Behar after being handed a card with “breaking news” on it. The trouble? That “breaking news” was fake news.

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ABC has been in hot water for the original report — and the network corrected itself later by clarifying that the alleged directive came from Trump when he was president, not a candidate.

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Behar read the original news with a disturbing amount of excitement. She and her audience broke out into uproarious applause at the thought of a Trump impeachment.

The moment perfectly exemplified the shortsighted and even deranged hysteria that has gripped many in the mainstream media over anything having to do with President Trump.

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Behar shrugged off the moment on Monday’s episode of “The View,” saying, “On Friday’s show, apparently I was guilty of premature evaluation. I hear they have a pill for that.”

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The fact that the television host does not think it’s a serious issue that she is so ready to peddle fake news, or that she would be so excited to see something that dramatic happen to the country, speaks volumes about the polarized nature of our culture and the way people like Behar feed that polarization.

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Co-host and conservative Meghan McCain looked obviously uncomfortable during the over-the-top Behar moment on Friday, and she addressed it after the correction to the original news had been made.

“When it happened in real time, I think everyone who was watching the show could see my discomfort at the room erupting like the Dodgers had just won the World Series,” said McCain. She compared the moment to when radio host Rush Limbaugh said he hoped President Barack Obama “failed” during his first term in office.

She added, “If we’re celebrating a breach of national security … It’s going to tear our country apart.”

McCain then accused the show of pushing fake news and adding to cultural polarization. “I went to a Christmas party over the weekend; it’s no secret, most of my friends are in conservative media, [and] I feel a lot like I’m an astronaut from another planet to come here to try to explain both worlds to each other — that’s how different I feel on this show sometimes,” she said. “And I will say that fake news, and what we did on Friday, that’s what I was accused of being a part of.”

Behar dismissed the claims and said the original report was a “mistake,” but not fake news.

Behar dismissed the claims and said the original report was a “mistake,” but not fake news.

It’s sad that people like Behar cannot take a step back and look at their destructive actions and/or their role in influencing the culture. She and others are so red-hot with anger toward the president they’re willfully embracing “mistakes” — and even celebrating their fervent “hope” about impeachment, no matter how remote or unlikely it may be.