Trump: Jobs Are Coming Back to America

The enthusiasm level is up and economic growth is booming, the president told Laura Ingraham on Fox News

President Donald Trump said jobs that were never going to happen are being created thanks to his new policies.

Trump made the boast Thursday night on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” in his first interview as president with Laura Ingraham, also the founding editor of LifeZette.

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“I have been in here 10 months, and we are setting record after record, day after day,” said Trump. “I think we hit another [record] today. No, I’m not getting enough credit because a lot of the reason is the enthusiasm level, business level, and also the fact I’ve cut regulations to the extent that I have cut them.”

Trump said many of the policies are the result of orders he could issue without Congress, such as his executive orders in January clearing the way for two major oil pipelines.

“I could tell you, jobs that were never going to be built are now being built,” Trump told Ingraham. “Take a look at the pipelines. The Keystone pipeline. The Dakota Access pipeline.”

Trump said economic growth, as measured by quarterly gross domestic product, is strong, despite two major hurricanes since the late summer. The economy and business environment are so strong that companies are repatriating.

“The thing I am most proud about: Companies are starting to come back into our country,” said Trump. “We are bringing in probably — the number is going to be over $4 trillion coming back in.”

Ingraham pressed Trump on trade with China just before he departs for a 13-day Asia trip this weekend, asking him if he would talk to Chinese leaders about such thorny issues as intellectual property and the subsidies of exports aimed at the United States.

Dumping occurs when an industry receives subsidies from a government and then exports the products into the United States at artificially low prices. The practice is considered predatory by U.S. steel and lumber industries, and can lead to tariffs.

Trump stressed that Chinese trade talks will be tied to foreign policy.

“We have a problem called North Korea,” said Trump. “China has been helpful. We are talking trade with China … [Chinese] President Xi [Jinping] has been pretty terrific.”

Ingraham also asked about the slow pace of appointments to Cabinet agencies, pointing to the State Department in particular.

Trump said taxpayers will save money in the interim, and nothing will change his policies, for which he is not getting enough credit.

“My vision is my vision anyway,” said Trump. “It’s called cost-saving. There is nothing wrong with cost-saving … I don’t think any president in nine months has done the job that we’ve done. That includes bills passed by Congress … close to 70 bills … It’s almost a record. You look at all of the deregulation …. Supreme Court Justice [Neil] Gorsuch … And then, of course, take a look at the economy.”


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