Noting the Democrats replaced a Senate candidate in 2002 very close to the election, Ann Coulter told Laura Ingraham on Thursday night that Alabama Republican Roy Moore should go if sexual allegations against him are true.

And despite the close proximity to the December 12 special election, the GOP has precedent in replacing a Senate candidate past ballot deadlines, and it was set by the Democrats, Coulter said.

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“I’m sorry, the Democrats replaced Robert Torricelli when he was running for Senate not because they found out anything new about him … but because his poll numbers were down,” said Coulter. “It was past the time they could legally replace him. So no, no, no. If this turns out to be true, they should replace [Moore] with [U.S. Rep.] Mo Brooks.”

Brooks (R-Ala.) lost the August 15 Republican primary to Moore, a former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice. Moore, under scrutiny for allegedly touching an underage girl in 1979, faces Democrat Doug Jones in the special election.

Coulter was referencing the almost-certain Republican victory in the 2002 Senate race, which triggered the Democrats to get Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-N.J.) to drop out on Sept. 30, 2002. Republicans objected to the last-minute change, to former Sen. Frank Lautenberg, past deadlines for the Nov. 5, 2002, general election.

Moore is vying for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, now President Donald Trump’s attorney general.

The New Jersey Supreme Court upheld the switch to Lautenberg, and ordered election officials to make the ballot changes on Oct. 2, 2002. Lautenberg beat the Republican and won the election.

Moore was accused on Thursday of sexually touching a 14-year-old girl in 1979. The woman, Leigh Corfman, now 53, told her story to The Washington Post. The allegation rocked Washington and Alabama on Thursday.

Moore is vying for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, now President Donald Trump’s attorney general.

Ingraham noted she endorsed Mo Brooks. Neither woman expressed sympathy for Moore, but noted the lateness of the charges against Moore, 70, who has spent decades in the public eye as Alabama chief justice.

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Ingraham bemoaned yet more sexual scandals in the headlines, noting comedian Louis C.K. was accused of masturbating in front of women by The New York Times.

“The distributor of his new film, ‘Daddy I Love You,’ has abruptly canceled the premiere due to unexpected circumstances,” Ingraham said. “They may be unexpected to his distributor, but for those of us familiar with Louis C.K.’s career, it was totally expected. As with Harvey Weinstein, there were whispers in the media about C.K.’s sexual misdeeds for years.”