You have to admit: Liberals are good at playing the victim. Former President Obama’s executive amnesty hasn’t even been around along enough for the Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional, but as President Donald Trump prepared to announce its end, you’d think the world was ending.

My favorite part was the CEOs, now thoroughly addicted to cheap labor, acting shocked and disappointed that Trump is following through on one of his biggest promises during the campaign.

“There’s no issue that’s more gut-wrenching for us,” one tech exec anonymously told Axios’ Mike Allen, adding that some companies are considering smuggling their illegal alien employees abroad. Here’s an idea: How about take the money you would spend on that and use it to increase the wages of your employees?

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Frankly, these Silicon Valley Pharisees need to buckle up. The Trump administration has plenty left to do to dismantle the many, many left-wing remnants of Obama’s term.

Here are three more egregious power grabs that will cause many pearls to be clutched when Trump rolls them back:

1.) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)
Donald Berwick, the socialist Obama recess appointee who openly advocated rationing, called CMMI the “jewel in the crown” of Obamacare, and it’s easy to see why.

CMMI is one of numerous cipher offices Obama designed to be unaccountable to Congress, with the goal they could continue pushing the country leftward long after Democrats were out of power. Its key feature in this regard is the authority to rewrite Medicare law simply by conducting a “pilot study” and subsequently declaring the study was a success.

Pilot studies are supposed to be small, allowing evaluation before any changes are foisted upon a larger group. In contrast, CMMI’s first major experiment messed with the health care of 75 percent of Medicare patients. Even diehard Obamacare defender Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was irate about it.

What Trump can do: Issue regulatory guidance defining CMMI’s vague authorities very, very narrowly.

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2.) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
This is Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) dream agency; she literally came up with the idea for its flagrantly unconstitutional design. It gets its funding by asking the Treasury to print some money for it to use, instead of through congressional appropriations.

Its controversial director, Richard Cordray, once performed his best imitation of a spoiled 13-year-old when pressed in a congressional hearing to explain why the CFPB was spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build itself a Taj Mahal headquarters building.

“Why does that matter to you?” he snapped.

What Trump can do: Fire Cordray yesterday.

3.) Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)
Sometimes referred to as Obamacare’s “death panels,” IPAB is a panel of bureaucrats who are supposed to decide how to ration health care for the rest of us. As if that weren’t undemocratic enough, Democrats drunk with the power of their then-60-vote supermajority decided to include a clause in Obamacare that literally makes it illegal for Congress to debate a bill repealing IPAB.

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Although the “repeal and replace” effort has faltered, there’s nothing stopping Republicans from picking up the ball on this and dozens of other issues where the public is hugely on their side.

What Trump can do: Personally, I think Trump should propose repealing IPAB at next January’s State of the Union, while mocking Obama’s impotent and unconstitutional efforts to stop that from being legal. But just repealing it would also be good.

In conclusion, repealing DACA is critical, since Congress is supposed to write the laws in this country. (I think it says that in a document somewhere). Liberals who are at DEFCON 5 might want to consider this the beginning of a very fruitful period of ending the flagrant illegality of the Obama era.

Edward Woodson is a lawyer and now host of the nationally syndicated Edward Woodson Show, which airs daily from 3 to 6 pm EST on