Missed America: How Our Beauty Pageants Got So Political

At a time unity is needed, the judges on Sunday night selfishly promoted more divisiveness

Even the Miss America pageant could not avoid going political this year.

At a time that a hurricane is ravaging Florida and political division is at an intense fever pitch, judge and musician Jordin Sparks thought it best to ask the contestants about … Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

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Viewers did not take kindly to the agenda-driven question and the clear attempt to turn yet another night of entertainment into a political preach-fest.

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Judge Jess Cagle also went political with his line of questioning: He brought up President Donald Trump’s statements about recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

By politicizing the questions, judges took away from the night — and the women it was supposed to celebrate. They forced politics into the evening.

When even a Miss America pageant can’t run without Trump hysteria grabbing everyone by the throat, you know there is a problem. Anti-Trump celebrities, including Sparks, are obsessed with manipulating everything into a platform against the president — and it’s hurting entertainment, arts, and the country.

Whether one is pro-Trump or not, the level of hysteria that is being pushed via the media and much of the entertainment world currently is out of control. At a time unity should be pushed, some people are still advocating for divisiveness — and that’s a real shame.

In non-political news, Miss North Dakota, Cara Mund, won the crown. Yet her achievement is unfortunately overshadowed by the politicizing of the night by the judges. Way to go.

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