A Pool of Kindness

This man wanted to bring some joy to the neighborhood kids — guess how he did it?

Good news is hard to come by these days, but a retired judge in Morris, Minnesota, has received a lot of positive media attention.

That’s because — wait for it — a 94-year-old man named Keith Davison installed a pool in his backyard — purely for kids in the neighborhood to use every single day. There’s no charge. He did it out of the kindness of his heart.

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“I’ve had all kinds of good fortune in my life,” Davison told Lifezette. “I encourage anyone who can to do something for kids in their neighborhood to do it.”

What began with local media coverage has turned into state and national attention for Davison.

“Many people have contacted me,” he said. “It must be due to the [content of the] rest of the news.”

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Davison got the idea for the pool after losing his wife, Evy, last year. The two were married for 66 years. “I was down in the dumps for quite a while,” he said.

He does swim — though he said he’s perfectly fine with sitting with the neighbors and watching their kids race and splash across the water. The kids need a parent or grandparent to be present with them in order to swim.

“I had 17 kids in there on Thursday,” he said, referring to Thursday, August 17, 2017.  “The weather should be good for another four weeks.”

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Neighbors thought Davison was kidding when he said he was putting in an in-ground pool, which is 32 feet long and nine feet deep under the diving board.

“When I saw him marking the yard [this past spring], I told my husband, ‘He’s really going to put a pool in his backyard,'”Jessica Huebner of Morris told NBC affiliate KARE 11. “He never had grandkids, so I said, ‘Well, you kind of adopted our neighborhood! These are your grandkids.'”

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If you ask Jim Martin of the 60 Plus Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia, Davison is another example of the Greatest Generation.

“As a former Marine, as a Christian, as a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, I swell with pride, love and gratitude toward someone from my generation,” the 81-year-old Martin told LifeZette. “This 94-year-old is an inspiration to younger generations who need to be made aware of his grief, of losing his love of 66 years, and then doing what can only be described as an inspiration from above.”

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Even Pat Boone weighed in on Davison’s act of kindness and caring. “I want to congratulate and pay tribute to this 94-year-old hero, Keith Davison,” the singer, actor and motivational speaker, who is 83, told LifeZette. “How I love this man! He’s my kind of guy — or the guy I am trying to be. To the question in Genesis, in the Bible — ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ — Judge Davison gives the right answer: ‘Yes, and the neighbors’ kids, too.’ God bless him.”

Jim Martin of 60 Plus believes more people should swim in the judge’s pool. “The world would be a better place in which to raise the young,” Martin said.

Chris Woodward is a reporter for American Family News and Based in Mississippi, he is also a contributor to and and a regular contributor to LifeZette.

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