Actor Goes on a Profane Rant for an Awful Reason

'Straight Outta Compton' star was not having a very good flight at all — check out why

Actor Jason Mitchell of “Straight Outta Compton” fame threw a fit on a recent Delta flight after learning he wouldn’t be flying first class — but the whole situation might have been his own fault, according to a Delta representative who released a statement to Fox News.

TMZ reported that Mitchell had boarded his flight from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City on Sunday only to find someone sitting in the first-class seat he believed to be his, setting him off on a profane rant that was captured on camera by a Delta passenger. In the footage, both passengers and crew can be heard trying to calm Mitchell to no avail.

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“I paid my money, I’m supposed to be right here,” the 30-year-old actor can be seen telling a first-class flyer. “I got s*** to do tomorrow, you don’t understand.”

But while TMZ initially reported that Delta overbooked his seat, a spokesperson for Delta Air Lines tells Fox News that Mitchell missed his original flight and was being accommodated on a standby flight, which no longer had any room in first class. Instead, he was offered a Comfort+ seat, which was reportedly the only seat left.

“The passenger was late checking in and missed his original flight from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City,” said Delta in a statement. “He was placed on standby on the next flight and confirmed in Delta Comfort+, the only available seat.”

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Regardless, Mitchell continued pacing up and down the first-class section, hurling foul language at the airline’s flight attendants.

“F*** what you’re talking about, because I’m not a problem. I paid my money, ma’am,” said Mitchell, who portrayed Eazy E in “Straight Outta Compton.”

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“What are you saying? I got my confirmation, I got my everything. I’ve got my boarding pass. Why I can’t sit in my seat?”

“Man, f*** you!” Mitchell added when she asked him to gather his belongings and deplane.

In a subsequent video obtained by TMZ, Mitchell can be seen sitting in the Comfort+ seat he was given, ranting about the ordeal over the phone to a friend. At one point, Mitchell overhears a passenger commenting on the commotion and calls the man a “f***ing racist” before threatening to “smack the f***” out of him if he makes another comment. Mitchell eventually calms down and settles in for the flight, but shortly after, a crew member announces that all passengers will need to deplane due to his disruption, at which point he jumps out of his seat.

“I’m gonna get off the plane! Why you gonna make everybody get off the plane? What you doing? Why you doing that?”

A Delta representative also confirmed to Fox News that Mitchell ultimately left the plane, at which time he was taken into custody by law enforcement.

TMZ further reports that Delta opted not to press any charges. It is not immediately clear if Mitchell was reseated on a separate flight to Salt Lake City.

This Fox News article is used by permission.

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