Three Ways Water Changed My Life

'I decided to follow the glowing crowd and test this out — but first I needed a plan of action,' said this broadcaster

I’ll be honest. I absolutely hate the taste of water. It has no taste. I’m a flavorful person and I want my taste buds to experience the same level of flavor. For the longest time I survived on tea, assuming there was enough water in it to get by — a very bad idea.

But what I do not hate are beauty secrets. The longer I work in the television business, the more I get to rub shoulders with the best makeup artists, stylists, and health professionals around. And to every one of them, I would ask this: “What are your secrets and favorite products?”

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Much to my dismay, they would all say, “Good ol’ H20.”

I just assumed Jennifer Aniston was paid by Smartwater to say that. I didn’t realize she actually meant it.

Says the author of her water experiment, “More energy equals more productivity.”

So for once in my life, I decided to follow the glowing crowd and test this out. First, I needed a plan of action. I used a water calculator online to determine how much I needed daily based on my weight, the temperature where I live, and my exercise regime. What I found is that most non-professional athletes need about two liters a day.

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Next, I taste-tested different kinds of bottled water and watched YouTube videos of pH tests on each of them. The more alkaline you can make your body, the better it will be for fighting off diseases and, believe it or not, they do taste slightly differently. I stocked up on as many 1.5 liter bottles of AQUAhydrate as I could carry and headed home to begin my hydrated journey.

I started with the goal of just drinking one bottle a day, and I liked the bigger bottles so I could visually track my progress. Some days it was easy — while others I was squeezing an entire fruit basket into my water to give it flavor.

Here’s what I learned.

1.) The first thing I noticed after about five days of my liquid expedition was how much energy I had. Before, I had always felt sluggish and exhausted with random headaches, swollen glands, and dry skin. Now, I felt fresh and alive. Not so alive that I could run a marathon — but just enough alive that I wasn’t screaming like a child for nap time at noon.

More energy equals more productivity. More productivity equates to more life success.

2.) The second thing I noticed was is that when I drank the higher-pH water in mass amounts and over an extended period of time, my acid reflux was much less. Anyone with a reflux issue knows what it is like to wake up in the mornings in misery thanks to last night’s meal. Immediately following my morning glass of H20, that feeling disappeared completely.

(While I originally thought the most challenging part of this would be forcing myself to consume water, I clearly didn’t take into consideration where the water would go after it’s consumed. Someone needs to invent a bathroom app that notifies you of the closest restroom to you at all times.)

These are the times I found it easiest to consume: while in an aisle seat on a long flight, during a workout, while working at a desk and looking for a reason to hit the water cooler, and in the comfort of my own home.

The times when it was more challenging: sitting in L.A. traffic.

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3.) The third thing I noticed was that my skin was clearer and had a sort of pregnancy glow to it.

Now all of a sudden, the magazines in which supermodels say, “Water is my secret weapon,” didn’t seem so cheesy.

I would go out and my friends would say, “What’s different about you? You look great!”

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I would laugh — and, to their dismay, say, “Good ol’ H20.”

Actor and sports broadcaster Lindsay McCormick was Showtime’s guest correspondent for “The Fight of the Decade” — Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. She’s been a host, analyst, journalist and correspondent for the NFL, from her “Monday Morning Cheerleader with Lindsey McCormick” column for Esquire to NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” Most recently, she appeared in “The Bounce Back” with Shemar Moore and Bill Bellamy.

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