Instead of Getting Married, She Fed the Homeless

After a bride-to-be called off her wedding, she made a decision that brought great happiness to the less fortunate

This is a story that warms the heart.

An Indiana woman who called off her $30,000 wedding just a week before it was to occur decided to do the next best thing: She threw a party for homeless people in her area.

Jilted would-be brides, cold-feet grooms, and so many others in similar situations — take note of this incredible act of selflessness in the midst of heartache.

Sarah Cummins, 25, a pharmacy student at Purdue University, told The Indianapolis Star she called off her impending nuptials a week ago but was left with a “nonrefundable contract at the Ritz Charles and a plated dinner for 170 guests,” as Fox News, 1010 WINS Radio, the Associated Press and other outlets reported Sunday.

So the young woman decided that rather than waste money and resources, she would welcome unexpected guests to the event — and began reaching out to area homeless shelters.

“For me, it was an opportunity to let these people know they deserved to be at a place like this just as much as everyone else does,” Cummins told The Star.

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“A bus pulled up to the swanky event center on Saturday that Sarah Cummins had booked for the reception in Carmel, a suburb north of Indianapolis,” ABC News reported. “About a dozen veterans from a local organization were among the guests who dined on bourbon-glazed meatballs, roasted garlic bruschetta, and wedding cake.”

Several local businesses and residents donated luxe party clothing, including suits, dresses, and other items, for the guests to don.

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Three of Cummins’ seven would-be bridesmaids — along with her mom and aunts — even “came to support her at the event,” noted Fox News.

When asked what she would do with her unused wedding dress, Cummins said, “It’s too painful to think about.”

She did not give a reason for the wedding that never was.

But the happiness she brought to others was undeniable.

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Charlie Allen, who has lived for three months at a homeless mission, received a donated jacket to wear to the event, as ABC News reported. He also said he was grateful for the unexpected invitation.

“For a lot of us, this is a good time to show us what we can have,” he told the network. “Or to remind us what we had.”

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