Actor Dean Cain had some words of wisdom to share on “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday morning for extremists in Hollywood and those who attempted to politicize the Fourth of July.

Responding to an article run by Salon titled “An Act of True Patriotism: Fly the Flag Upside Down” — which encouraged people to fly American flags the wrong way in order to declare a state of emergency over the president — the “Lois and Clark” star said, “To me, it’s just another example of a whole group who don’t want to accept the results of the election. They’re upset with it. They don’t like that President Trump is in office — and they’ll do anything to oppose him, even denigrate the world’s most well-known symbol of freedom.”

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He said there is a surprising lack of respect for the office of the president today, compared to the respect shown to previous administrations. “I didn’t vote for Barack Obama. I didn’t support his policies, but he was my president,” said Cain. “He won the election fair and square, and I rooted for him to do well, and people just won’t do that with President Trump.”

The 50-year-old actor, who currently hosts “Masters of Illusion” on The CW, also took time to call out anti-Trump celebrities who use extreme rhetoric in their criticism of the president. These include director Rob Reiner, who sent out a recent tweet calling for “all-out war” on the president and Fox News.

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“This word is thrown around too easily … War is disgusting, it’s a horrible, horrible thing and I think, you know, to say something like declaring war, you’re going way too far. If you don’t like what’s going on, you can say, ‘I don’t like what’s going on. Here’s why,’ but don’t throw a word like ‘war’ around,” said Cain.

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Reiner wasn’t the only celebrity whose actions Cain had a problem with, either. In response to reports that the Secret Service had visited and interviewed comedian Kathy Griffin over her ill-advised photo shoot — in which she held a likeness of President Trump’s severed head — Cain said, “That was out of bounds, and she deserved a little visit and a little talking to … I don’t think she’s really a threat to the president, but some of that rhetoric can be.”

Despite the severe actions and politicization from individuals, Cain did say he felt a sense of “renewed patriotism” in much of America on the Fourth of July — and that most people aren’t being represented properly right now in the mainstream media, thanks to extremist celebrities and media outlets. He said, “I think there’s a small version on the far left and a small version on the far right that are completely angry and then there’s 80, 90 percent of us in the middle.”