Michael Moore has set up a website to help government employees leak information about the Trump administration.

The website, called “TrumpiLeaks,” helps whistleblowers post information through encrypted apps like Single, Whatsapp, and Peerio.

In a letter to the site, Moore wrote, “Today, I’m launching TrumpiLeaks, a site that will enable courageous whistleblowers to privately communicate with me and my team.”

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He said the website may be “dangerous,” but “it’s our patriotic duty” to blow the whistle on threats against America from “tyranny.”

It’s been covered here again and again — but Moore is nothing but a hypocritical opportunist. For eight years he remained silent while former President Barack Obama broke promises to the American people and performed legislative actions that would have had a younger Moore up in arms. But Moore didn’t see an opportunity to profit then — so he remained silent.

With Trump in office, the tables have turned for Moore, and he’s as fiery as he was when he was releasing manipulative documentaries during the Bush years. He’s so far released a film about President Donald Trump and has planned a Broadway play about the president as well.

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Moore’s efforts with this website further prove his strange obsession with the president. The website is not designed against “tyranny” — but against one man whom Moore does not like. This filmmaker’s goal is not to fight government corruption, but to undermine someone in order to enhance his own bottom line.

Calling the website “TrumpiLeaks” is a sad attempt to equate himself to Wikileaks, Julian Assange’s website, which has broken real news stories — something of which Moore can only dream.

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Moore doesn’t care about whistleblowers or big government. He’s said next to nothing in support of people like Edward Snowden or Assange — people who have leaked information that has hurt the Democratic Party and Obama.

It’s because he doesn’t care. His only interest is in trying to hurt Trump, a man who has given new life to the has-been filmmaker’s career.