High School Art Display Includes Profanity Toward Trump

'I think it's horribly disrespectful,' said one parent as a school district shows its glaring hypocrisy

A New York school district has launched an investigation into a student art show that included profane references to President Donald Trump.

The art show at Shenendehowa High School featured a dozen drawings of the president’s face. Above the drawings was a sign that read, “Draw on Me.” On a nearby table was a box filled with markers.

Let’s just say the youngsters did not hold back. “Burn in Hell, Trump,” wrote one person. Another person scrawled the word, “a**wipe.”

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One of my readers sent me a photograph of the art display. (Click here to see the hateful rhetoric for yourself.)

“I think it’s horribly disrespectful,” parent Erica McGowan told me.

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She said the art display inside a classroom reflected what she called the school district’s glaring hypocrisy.

“They preach tolerance and no bullying and safe spaces and all that nonsense — as long as you are not a conservative,” she said. “If somebody had put up pictures of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama — they would mow you down.”

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Mrs. McGowan told me her son, Peter, was lectured about wearing an iconic “Make American Great Again” ball cap to school.

“They told him it was hate speech,” she said.

Peter told me the art display was “awfully disgusting.”

“It’s hypocritical for the school to pledge tolerance and then allow photos of a sitting president to burn in hell,” he said.

But the Shenendehowa Central School District said the art exhibit was never meant to include derogatory or profane messages about President Trump.

A spokesperson told me they believe someone vandalized the artwork with graffiti.

“Once we noticed this, it was immediately taken down,” the spokesperson said.

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If that’s true, why was there a sign posted above the artwork inviting students to write messages? And why was a box of markers left nearby?

I reckon we will just have to wait for the school district to complete its investigation.

The art exhibit has drawn the ire of the New York-based Saratoga Conservative Chicks. Their group called the exhibit “outrageous and unacceptable.”

“There are some pretty ugly things on those pictures,” Marnie Messitt told me. “It’s all about hate speech and division and indoctrination. There’s no place for that in the school.”

She said people are getting sick and tired of public schools disparaging the president.

“There is no doubt there is an anti-Trump bias in the public schools,” she said. “The teachers are trying to force a liberal agenda on our kids.”

If nothing else, the folks at Shenendehowa High School have demonstrated that indoctrination is indeed an art form.

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